Road Map Discussion

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This page is a list of talking points for discussion surrounding the Munki Road Map


The purpose of this page is to itemize ideas and suggestions that were made on the munki-dev list. The hope is that if we can record the ideas as they are made, then there is less of a chance of them falling into the ether and disappearing forever. This page is not the Munki Road Map itself, but rather a list of topics that may make it to the Road Map in the future.

Possible Munki Improvements

  • "auto" Munki recipes
  • Improve Documentation
  • Update Demo Setup (10.8 does not expose Web Sharing anymore) - Done 16 Feb 2013 gneagle
  • Localization Upkeep - See LocalizationMaintenance
  • Metadata support for Apple Updates - in progress Feb 2013 Heig Gregorian
  • munkiimport improvements
  • Copy keys from previous version of package if present in new pkginfo_keys_to_copy key
  • Improved munki-dev support (As in, not all Greg) - See MunkiDevSupport
  • MunkiWebAdmin Improvements
  • MWA with Django REST framework
  • MWA with MSU integration? Server-side client manifests?
  • Optional Installs - See OptionalInstallRoadMapDiscussion
  • Open Issues
  • Go through open Issues and assign priorities
  • Scheduled OS X Support Deprecated
  • 6 years and newer


Munki 3

Managed Software Center

Command-line Tools

Munki configuration




Advanced Munki

Related tasks


Product-specific notes

Legacy Documentation

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