A reporting tool for munki
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Munkireport-php is a reporting client for munki. The previous version of munkireport is still available on googlecode: munkireport-php.

This project is a complete rewrite from the previous version, which was a quick-and-dirty port from the original python based munkireport [https://code.google.com/p/munkireport/].

The project a work-in-progress, please check for updates regularly.


  • Quick overview of your mac fleet with a dashboard
  • Get reports on many features (hardware types, disk usage, etc)
  • Lightweight: only sends reports when facts have changed
  • Responsive webdesign (looks good on large and small screens)
  • more features


Setup is easy, you could be running your own reportingserver within minutes!

Please read the install manual

System Requirements

Apart from munki clients doing reporting, Munkireport relies on:


  • A webserver (runs fine with Apache, IIS and nginx)
  • php version 7.0 or higher with pdo-sqlite3 and libxml


  • a Modern webbrowser


For questions about using munkireport or setting up munkireport, you can use:


For developers who want to contribute to the project:



If you want to contribute to munkireport2, please

External projects

Munkireport-php makes use of these fine software packages: