Reading pictures of sheet music taken from an android phone and outputting them in audio files (midi).
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Reading pictures of sheet music and outputting them in audio files (midi).

This was a personal project for me that I had motivation to do, and to learn lots of different things.

In essence, the idea is that you can take a picture of a piece of sheet music with your android phone, and it would play it back to you audibly. It turned out to be a much larger project than I expected, and than I had the knowledge to do. However, thanks to great open source libraries I was able to get it to work, generally.

Special thanks to:

Interested in using?

It's actually kind of complicated but here is the general flow:

Picture taken from phone >> Uploaded to Nodejs server >> nodejs server calls python script that calls Audiveris >> Audiveris transcribes >> once transcribing is done, python then converts a .mxl to a .midi for listening >> phone can download new .midi file for listening

In order to use you would have to set up the nodejs server (found in /sheetplayer-server/) and edit the android application to connect to your server.