Generate RFC-compliant UUIDs in JavaScript
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angular-uuid is an AngularJS wrapper for Robert Kieffer's node-uuid, which provides simple, fast generation of RFC4122 UUIDS.


  • AngularJS service – no global scope pollution
  • Generate RFC4122 version 1 or version 4 UUIDs
  • Cryptographically strong random # generation on supporting platforms
  • Tiny file size when minified.


If using CommonJS then simply require angular-uuid as per usual, prior to setting up your AngularJS modules (but after including angular):

npm install --save angular-uuid

Otherwise use a regular script tag (after including angular):

<script src="angular-uuid.js"></script>

Angular Module Usage

Ensure that you include angular-uuid in your module definition:

var CoolApp = angular.module("CoolApp", ["angular-uuid"]);

You can then inject uuid where necessary, for example:

CoolApp.controller("MainCtrl", ["uuid", MainCtrl]);

function MainCtrl (uuid)
    var hash = uuid.v4();


Full documentation is available via the original project's readme: