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The following content is from Adam's college application essays written in October 2017:

Describe one way in which you have contributed to your community, whether in your
family, the classroom, your neighborhood, etc. (200-250 words)

I improved the Model UN community in China by making the job easier for conference
organizers and club managers.

I led a team of four to develop MUNPANEL, an online platform that facilitates MUN
clubs and conferences. Interviewing past conference organizers, I heard about the
hassles of reaching out to all the schools, merging registration forms of different
formats, keeping track of tons of versions of documents, and working with
spreadsheets for days to make sure that partners and roommates are paired

Over the past year, we have developed functions to address these issues including
club management, conference registration, fee collecting, document typesetting,
assignment uploading, nation assigning, badge exporting, SMS notification,
integration with common moderating software, souvenir ordering, and even roommate &
partner auto-assigning. Besides organizers, schools no longer have to worry about
collecting fees and information from club members attending conferences, and
attendees have an integrated experience while participating in a conference.
Instead of building a system for one conference, I’m working to unify all MUN
activities and MUNers onto one single platform. My vision is that with a single
account, one can self-create and co-organize a new conference or participate as a
delegate, volunteer, or observer for other conferences, and even manage internal
club matters.

I am proud to see that my platform has benefited 2,000+ users from all 34 provinces
in China as well as 170+ registered MUN clubs, and hope that my platform could
finally revolutionize how every MUNer, club and conference works in China.