Convert HTTP Application to JMeter Test Plan. .har to .jmx
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harry is a command line utility that will convert a HTTP Archive (har) into a JMeter test plan (jmx)

###Installation Instructions via Pip Option 1: Download it as a tarball.

Option 2: Via pip.

	$ pip install harry


JMeter is a tool used to test the reponses for a given HTTP request. However, a typical webpage is comprised of dozens of such requests. To accurately test the performance of a webpage with JMeter, you would need to perform a great deal of manual entry.

HTTP Archives are great for recording all of the requests made on a page - exactly the data one would need to replicate all the requests for a JMeter test.

This reads in a HTTP Archive, spanning one or multiple pages, and generates a JMeter test plan to replicate the requests. This can then be directly used by JMeter to begin testing.