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2019 Christmas CTF Platform
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Christmas CTF Platform

What is this?

This is the platform I used for Christmas CTF 2019. (challenges is here.)
I developed it in pure PHP and designed it with MVC pattern. (Apache2 + PHP7 + MariaDB)
It is a Jeopardy style platform using Dynamic Scoring.

Dynamic Scoring pseudo code (default, min_point=100 / max_point=1000)

point = (min_point+(max_point-min_point)/(1+(max(0,(solve_cnt)-1)/4.0467890)**3.84))
point = round(value)

Default accounts
Salt can be modified in /src/config/config.php

Username Password
admin admin
test_captain test_captain
test_member test_member

The platform is based on munsiwoo/simple-mvc-php.

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How to install?

The docker and docker-compose must be installed first. (apt install docker docker-compose)

Step 1. Download the repository.

1. git clone
2. cd christmas-ctf-platform

Step 2. Run the docker-compose

3. docker-compose build
4. docker-compose up -d

When the installation is complete, connect to localhost:9999
The db connection information can be modified by modifying the file below.

  • docker-compose.yml (MYSQL environments)
  • /src/config/config.php (__HOST__, __USER__, __PASS__, __NAME__)

mysql default password is root_password

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