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Netlify Checklinks Build Plugin

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Checklinks helps you keep all your asset references correct and avoid embarrassing broken links to your internal pages, or even to external pages you link out to.

Checklinks will traverse your pages dependency graph and report on any missing assets. It will find broken links, broken fragment links, inefficient redirect chains and potential mixed content warnings.

Under the hood the hyperlink package is doing all the work. If you need more granular control or want to add a different TAP-reporter you can opt to use hyperlink directly in your own build tooling instead of using this plugin.


You can install this plugin in the Netlify UI from this direct in-app installation link or from the Plugins directory.

For file-based installation, add the following lines to your netlify.toml file:

package = "netlify-plugin-checklinks"

Note: The [[plugins]] line is required for each plugin, even if you have other plugins in your netlify.toml file already.

To complete file-based installation, from your project's base directory, use npm, yarn, or any other Node.js package manager to add the plugin to devDependencies in package.json.

npm install -D netlify-plugin-checklinks


Checklinks works out of the box, but can be improved upon with some improved knowledge about your site.

These are the configuration options with their default values:

package = "netlify-plugin-checklinks"

  # An array of glob patterns for pages on your site
  # Recursive traversal will start from these
  entryPoints = [

  # Recurse through all the links and asset references on your page, starting
  # at the entrypoints
  recursive = true

  # Checklinks outputs TAP (
  # by default. Enabling pretty mode makes the output easier on the eyes.
  pretty = true

  # You can mark some check as skipped, which will block checklinks
  # from ever attempting to execute them.
  # skipPatterns is an array of strings you can match against failing reports
  skipPatterns = []

  # You can mark some check as todo, which will execute the check, but allow failures.
  # todoPatterns is an array of strings you can match against failing reports
  todoPatterns = []

  # Report on all broken links to external pages.
  # Enabling this will make your tests more brittle, since you can't control
  # external pages.
  checkExternal = false

  # Enable to check references to source maps, source map sources etc.
  # Many build tools don't emit working references, so this is disabled by default
  followSourceMaps = false


BSD 3-Clause License