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  1. Repo with a set of services to get you started.

    Makefile 7 4

  2. Reactive Streams stack for the Muons. Project Reactive stream endpoints over a network. Stream polyglot, cross runtime, any transport, with back pressure

    Groovy 3 1

  3. Muon stack defining an API for persisted event streams. Useful for implementing event sourcing, CQRS, eventually consistent systems

    Java 49 9

  4. Intro to the Muon projects, workshop edition.

    JavaScript 8 3

  5. Extend Muon into the world of Spring. Implement Muon apis, especially around events to provide DDD patterns natively in Spring Boot

    Java 10 5

  6. An RPC API stack for the Muons

    Groovy 1 2


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