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Muon Starter

This environment provides some base functionality to ease Muon development.

  • RabbitMQ - For event distribution

  • Photon - for event persistence

  • MuonJS Gateway - A muon message router and websocket server that allows muon clients to run in browser.


You need to following installed :- * Make * Docker * Docker Compose

If you would like to use the Muon CLI, you need to have Node/ NPM installed.

First, install the latest NPM from

Then install the muon CLI and set the MUON_URL env variable to point at the RabbitMQ server running in one of the containers that form the starter.

npm install -g muon-cli
export MUON_URL=amqp://muon:microservices@localhost

muon discover

Type muon to get a list of commands. Follow the guides to see what to do next

Getting Started

Start the environment using docker compose, via Make


The appropriate networks will be created, and docker compose used to start the environment up.

Once the application has started, you can begin interacting with the existing service, adding more services. See the intro workshop for an introduction -