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Copyright (c) 2011 Alan Hawrylyshen
Covered by the BSD License, see LICENSE.txt.

Aether and Fldigi Logging Script

Author : Alan Hawrylyshen (K2ACK)

This script is designed to be called from an fldigi macro. It will open a new QSO log in Aether.

This script can be called from fldigi on a Mac platform using a macro button.

Note - this script is written in Python, a powerful scripting language that is installed on every Mac. You don't need to edit the script or understand Python to make this work for you.

Here is the macro text I use in the fldigi macro.:

<EXEC>$HOME/.fldigi/scripts/ & </EXEC>

The above macro can be directly copied into your Log QSO Macro definition window in fldigi.

Release History

  • Updated to support a '--no-xxxx' argument which will skip logging

any FLDIGI environment variables that match the xxxx part of the arg (case insensitive)

v0.4 :
  • Updated to correct error rounding frequencies.
  • General improvements.


Do not start Aether from the script - assume it is already running.
Use internal test data to validate the script from the command line.
Force Aether to launch - default behavior.
Print out key information of script execution on stdout, will appear in fldigi window.

Skip logging any environment variable that matches xxxxx. (Case insensitive). Can be used (for example) to skip recording the frequency by using: --no-freq

This presumes that this script is called AND That this script is in $HOME/.fldigi/scripts with the execute bit set.

chmod 755 $HOME/.fldigi/scripts/

for more:

man chmod

If you run this with --debug (modify the macro), you should see useful debugging info in the transmit window.

If you run this from the command line to test, you can run with --test and --debug to use the built in test data. You should see an RTTY log entry created for W1AX.

This is a LONG way from complete, but it is working for now.

Best, 73 Alan K2ACK