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Copyright (c) 2011 Alan Hawrylyshen
Covered by the BSD License, see LICENSE.txt.

Aether and Fldigi Logging Script

Author : Alan Hawrylyshen (K2ACK)

This script is designed to be called from an fldigi macro. It will open a new QSO log in Aether.

This script can be called from fldigi on a Mac platform using a macro button.

Note - this script is written in Python, a powerful scripting language that is installed on every Mac. You don't need to edit the script or understand Python to make this work for you.

Here is the macro text I use in the fldigi macro.:

<EXEC>$HOME/.fldigi/scripts/ & </EXEC>

The above macro can be directly copied into your Log QSO Macro definition window in fldigi.

This presumes that this script is called AND That this script is in $HOME/.fldigi/scripts with the execute bit set.

chmod 755 $HOME/.fldigi/scripts/

for more:

man chmod

If you run this with --debug (modify the macro), you should see useful debugging info in the transmit window.

If you run this from the command line to test, you can run with --test and --debug to use the built in test data. You should see an RTTY log entry created for W1AX.

This is a LONG way from complete, but it is working for now.

Best, 73 Alan K2ACK

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