Mupen64Plus, Android Edition (AE) is a port of Mupen64Plus to Android. (Not officially supported by the Mupen64Plus team)
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.tx res: Fix Portuguese (Brazilian) directory name and add to options. Jun 7, 2015
app front: Always show the L button Aug 16, 2018
build_common build: Update to latest Android Studio Jun 12, 2018
doc front: Turn the GameFragment back into GameActivity. May 17, 2017
gradle/wrapper build: Update to Android Studio 3.1 Mar 27, 2018
mupen64plus-audio-sles build: Use a common build file to not replicate. Mar 23, 2018
mupen64plus-core build: Fix core build Jun 16, 2018
mupen64plus-input-android build: Use a common build file to not replicate. Mar 23, 2018
mupen64plus-rsp-cxd4 rsp-cxd4: Update to commit 6fa063c. May 28, 2018
mupen64plus-rsp-hle rsp-hle: Update to commit bb52e1a. May 28, 2018
mupen64plus-ui-console front: Fixed advance frame functionality Jun 21, 2018
mupen64plus-video-angrylion-plus angrylion-rdp-plus: Update to latest May 28, 2018
mupen64plus-video-glide64mk2 video-glide64mk2: Update to commit 6107f82. Apr 22, 2018
mupen64plus-video-gliden64 video-gliden64: Update to commit e0418c3c. Jul 4, 2018
mupen64plus-video-gln64 build: Use a common build file to not replicate. Mar 23, 2018
mupen64plus-video-rice build: Enable automatic neon optimizations across all libraries Mar 26, 2018
ndkLibs build: Rebuild libs with latest NDK Jul 4, 2018
tools tools: Remove audio-sdl from pull-upstream Feb 6, 2018
.gitattributes libs: Add .project files for extras libs to streamline eclipse import. Mar 7, 2015
.gitignore Add files to .gitignore Nov 11, 2017
.travis.yml build: Update to latest Android Studio Jun 12, 2018 Update Jun 2, 2018
build.gradle build: Update to latest Android Studio Aug 16, 2018
gpl-license Updated license documents Jan 17, 2013 build: Enable parallel build Mar 23, 2018
gradlew build: Add travis automated build Mar 23, 2018
gradlew.bat front: Migrate to Android Studio 2.1 Sep 13, 2016
settings.gradle front: Replace angrylion with angrylion-rdp-plus, add options as well Mar 5, 2018


Mupen64Plus, Android Edition (AE) is an Android user interface for Mupen64Plus.

Please visit the official forum for support and discussion.

Get it on F-Droid

Build Instructions

  1. Download and install the prerequisites
    • Android Studio
    • During the installation, make sure the latest SDK and NDK
  2. Clone the mupen64plus-ae repository and initialize the working copy
    • git clone
  3. Open the project using Android Studio
  4. Build and run the app from Android Studio
    • Select Build --> Make Project to build
    • Select Run --> Run app to run