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front: Override new glide defaults.

This effectively reverts the config to what it was before
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littleguy77 committed Dec 11, 2014
1 parent 83cb112 commit 10988f56e0e55f11c84c763f96177eddf9d5cb25
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  1. +4 −0 src/paulscode/android/mupen64plusae/jni/
@@ -112,6 +112,10 @@ public static void syncConfigFiles( GamePrefs game, UserPrefs user, AppData appD
mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-General", "ScreenHeight", String.valueOf( user.videoRenderHeight ) ); // Height of output window or fullscreen height
mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-General", "VerticalSync", "False" ); // If true, activate the SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL attribute

mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-Glide64mk2", "vsync", "False" ); // Vertical sync
mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-Glide64mk2", "wrpAnisotropic", "False" ); // Wrapper Anisotropic Filtering
mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-Glide64mk2", "fb_read_always", "0" ); // Read framebuffer every frame (may be slow use only for effects that need it e.g. Banjo Kazooie, DK64 transitions)

mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-Rice", "ScreenUpdateSetting", game.riceScreenUpdateType ); // Control when the screen will be updated (0=ROM default, 1=VI origin update, 2=VI origin change, 3=CI change, 4=first CI change, 5=first primitive draw, 6=before screen clear, 7=after screen drawn)
mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-Rice", "FastTextureLoading", boolToTF( game.isRiceFastTextureLoadingEnabled ) ); // Use a faster algorithm to speed up texture loading and CRC computation
mupen64plus_cfg.put( "Video-Rice", "SkipFrame", boolToTF( game.isRiceAutoFrameskipEnabled ) ); // If this option is enabled, the plugin will skip every other frame

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