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ae-bridge: Check dlopen/dlclose/dlsym errors and log verbosely.

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littleguy77 committed Jan 28, 2015
1 parent 8ab72a2 commit 34c4323357f4483af408f8852999c4d429df3bb2
Showing with 65 additions and 28 deletions.
  1. +65 −28 jni/ae-bridge/ae_exports.cpp
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
Variables used internally
Variables and functions used internally
// JNI objects
@@ -63,6 +63,47 @@ static pVoidFunc sdlMainReady = NULL;
static pCoreDoCommand coreDoCommand = NULL;
static pFrontMain frontMain = NULL;
void checkLibraryError(const char* message)
const char* error = dlerror();
if (error)
LOGE("%s: %s", message, error);
void* loadLibrary(const char* libPath, const char* libName)
char path[256];
sprintf(path, "%s/", libPath, libName);
void* handle = dlopen(path, RTLD_NOW);
if (!handle)
LOGE("Failed to load", libName);
return handle;
int unloadLibrary(void* handle, const char* libName)
if (!handle)
return 0;
int code = dlclose(handle);
if (code)
LOGE("Failed to unload", libName);
return code;
void* locateFunction(void* handle, const char* libName, const char* funcName)
char message[256];
sprintf(message, "Locating %s::%s", libName, funcName);
void* func = dlsym(handle, funcName);
if (!func)
LOGE("Failed to locate %s::%s", libName, funcName);
return func;
Functions called automatically by JNI framework
@@ -81,24 +122,19 @@ extern jint JNI_OnLoad(JavaVM* vm, void* reserved)
extern "C" DECLSPEC void SDLCALL Java_paulscode_android_mupen64plusae_jni_NativeExports_loadLibraries(JNIEnv* env, jclass cls, jstring jlibPath)
LOGI("Loading native libraries");
// Construct the library paths
// Get the library path from the java-managed string
const char *libPath = env->GetStringUTFChars(jlibPath, 0);
char pathAEI[256];
char pathSDL[256];
char pathCore[256];
char pathFront[256];
sprintf(pathAEI, "%s/", libPath);
sprintf(pathSDL, "%s/", libPath);
sprintf(pathCore, "%s/", libPath);
sprintf(pathFront, "%s/", libPath);
char path[256];
strcpy(path, libPath);
env->ReleaseStringUTFChars(jlibPath, libPath);
// Open shared libraries
handleAEI = dlopen(pathAEI, RTLD_NOW);
handleSDL = dlopen(pathSDL, RTLD_NOW);
handleCore = dlopen(pathCore, RTLD_NOW);
handleFront = dlopen(pathFront, RTLD_NOW);
handleAEI = loadLibrary(path, "ae-imports");
handleSDL = loadLibrary(path, "SDL2");
handleCore = loadLibrary(path, "mupen64plus-core");
handleFront = loadLibrary(path, "mupen64plus-ui-console");
// Make sure we don't have any typos
if (!handleAEI || !handleSDL || !handleCore || !handleFront)
@@ -107,20 +143,20 @@ extern "C" DECLSPEC void SDLCALL Java_paulscode_android_mupen64plusae_jni_Native
// Find and call the JNI_OnLoad functions manually since we aren't loading the libraries from Java
pJNI_OnLoad JNI_OnLoad0 = (pJNI_OnLoad) dlsym(handleAEI, "JNI_OnLoad");
pJNI_OnLoad JNI_OnLoad1 = (pJNI_OnLoad) dlsym(handleSDL, "JNI_OnLoad");
pJNI_OnLoad JNI_OnLoad0 = (pJNI_OnLoad) locateFunction(handleAEI, "ae-imports", "JNI_OnLoad");
pJNI_OnLoad JNI_OnLoad1 = (pJNI_OnLoad) locateFunction(handleSDL, "SDL2", "JNI_OnLoad");
JNI_OnLoad0(mVm, mReserved);
JNI_OnLoad1(mVm, mReserved);
JNI_OnLoad0 = NULL;
JNI_OnLoad1 = NULL;
// Find library functions
aeiInit = (pAeiInit) dlsym(handleAEI, "Android_JNI_InitImports");
sdlInit = (pSdlInit) dlsym(handleSDL, "SDL_Android_Init");
sdlSetScreen = (pSdlSetScreen) dlsym(handleSDL, "Android_SetScreenResolution");
sdlMainReady = (pVoidFunc) dlsym(handleSDL, "SDL_SetMainReady");
coreDoCommand = (pCoreDoCommand) dlsym(handleCore, "CoreDoCommand");
frontMain = (pFrontMain) dlsym(handleFront, "SDL_main");
aeiInit = (pAeiInit) locateFunction(handleAEI, "ae-imports", "Android_JNI_InitImports");
sdlInit = (pSdlInit) locateFunction(handleSDL, "SDL2", "SDL_Android_Init");
sdlSetScreen = (pSdlSetScreen) locateFunction(handleSDL, "SDL2", "Android_SetScreenResolution");
sdlMainReady = (pVoidFunc) locateFunction(handleSDL, "SDL2", "SDL_SetMainReady");
coreDoCommand = (pCoreDoCommand) locateFunction(handleCore, "mupen64plus-core", "CoreDoCommand");
frontMain = (pFrontMain) locateFunction(handleFront, "mupen64plus-ui-console", "SDL_main");
// Make sure we don't have any typos
if (!aeiInit || !sdlInit || !sdlSetScreen || !sdlMainReady || !coreDoCommand || !frontMain)
@@ -133,8 +169,9 @@ extern "C" DECLSPEC void SDLCALL Java_paulscode_android_mupen64plusae_jni_Native
// Unload the libraries to ensure that static variables are re-initialized next time
LOGI("Unloading native libraries");
// Nullify function pointers
// Nullify function pointers so that they can no longer be used
aeiInit = NULL;
sdlInit = NULL;
sdlSetScreen = NULL;
@@ -143,12 +180,12 @@ extern "C" DECLSPEC void SDLCALL Java_paulscode_android_mupen64plusae_jni_Native
frontMain = NULL;
// Close shared libraries
if (handleFront) dlclose(handleFront);
if (handleCore) dlclose(handleCore);
if (handleSDL) dlclose(handleSDL);
if (handleAEI) dlclose(handleAEI);
unloadLibrary(handleFront, "mupen64plus-ui-console");
unloadLibrary(handleCore, "mupen64plus-core");
unloadLibrary(handleSDL, "SDL2");
unloadLibrary(handleAEI, "ae-imports");
// Nullify handles
// Nullify handles so that they can no longer be used
handleFront = NULL;
handleCore = NULL;
handleSDL = NULL;

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