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front: Add doc comment to RomDatabase class.
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littleguy77 committed Mar 2, 2015
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import android.text.TextUtils;
import android.util.Log;

* This class wraps the <a href=>ROM
* database</a> maintained upstream. Upstream uses it for the following:
* <ul>
* <li>It provides an absolute identity for different rips of the same ROM (e.g. some rips are "bad"
* or are hacked with cheats/bugfixes after they are ripped). Having an absolute identity of the rip
* (via md5) is important when reproducing error reports.</li>
* <li>It uses a consistent naming convention for the friendly (user-facing) name of each ROM. Again
* useful when isolating and reproducing bugs from user reports.</li>
* <li>It contains a bunch of additional meta info, like:
* <ul>
* <li>original method of saving data (SRAM, mempak, etc.) (critical to core operation)</li>
* <li>number of players (minimize unnecessary controller polling)</li>
* <li>rumble support a subjective rating of emulation quality (though I haven't seen this used
* much)</li>
* <li>game-specific tweaks (CountPerOp)</li>
* </ul>
* </li>
* </ul>
* <p>
* The ROM header does not provide all this extra information, nor does it sufficiently
* differentiate rip variants. The header is also very inconsistent in the names. They are good
* enough for development purposes, but not pretty enough to display to a user. Here are the header
* names for some common games:
* <ul>
* <li>Banjo-Kazooie</li>
* <li>BANJO TOOIE</li>
* <li>CONKER BFD</li>
* <li>Diddy Kong Racing</li>
* <li>DONKEY KONG 64</li>
* <li>GOLDENEYE</li>
* <li>Kirby64</li>
* <li>MARIOKART64</li>
* <li>MarioParty</li>
* <li>PAPER MARIO</li>
* <li>Perfect Dark</li>
* <li>STAR WARS EP1 RACER</li>
* <li>STARFOX64</li>
* <li>SUPER MARIO 64</li>
* <li>Turok 2: Seeds of Ev</li>
* <li>Turok 3: Shadow of O</li>
* </ul>
* So we use the same database in the front-end, mostly for the same reasons:
* <ul>
* <li>Consistent, meaningful user-facing names that can also be used to determine the exact rip
* variant from user reports</li>
* <li>Consistency with upstream naming conventions, in case a user submits a bug report upstream</li>
* <li>Number of players and rumble support is used in the front-end to present the proper menu
* options to users (number of controllers in play menu, pak options in in-game menu)</li>
* </ul>
* We wrap the database info in a java class, which we use to hold additional derived meta-info,
* like URLs for the cover art and wiki entries.
* @see RomHeader
* @see assets/mupen64plus_data/mupen64plus.ini
public class RomDatabase
private static final String ART_URL_TEMPLATE = "";

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