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core: use busywait instead of sleep
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fzurita committed Jan 24, 2016
1 parent ae0c334 commit eb242307633bae68a6beab369a2d36803ab76dac
Showing 1 changed file with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
@@ -774,7 +774,12 @@ static void apply_speed_limiter(void)
TimeToWait = (IntegratedDelta > ThisFrameDelta) ? -IntegratedDelta : -ThisFrameDelta;
DebugMessage(M64MSG_VERBOSE, " apply_speed_limiter(): Waiting %ims", (int) TimeToWait);
SDL_Delay((int) TimeToWait);
//SDL_Delay((int) TimeToWait);

int StartTime = SDL_GetTicks();
int EndTime = StartTime + TimeToWait;
while(SDL_GetTicks() <= EndTime);

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fzurita Jan 25, 2016

Author Member

@Gillou68310 Do you think this is something that upstream would take as an optional setting?

There are a lot of times where the core is not taking enough CPU or the CPU utilization is kind of strange. This results in a lot of newer ARM devices underclocking their CPUs which causes slow downs in games.

A busy wait, however battery inefficient it is, seem to fix this situation.

Are you aware of any better way to prevent an android device from underclocking?

I have already tried setting higher thread priority and using a wake lock. Making thread priority high did seem to fix some hiccups I was seeing, at least in my phone. Wake lock seemed to have no effect.

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Gillou68310 Jan 27, 2016

I would rather add such hack in the SDL library as it's maintained downstream. Also I think this should be configurable in order to let the user choose between battery life and performance.

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Gillou68310 Jan 27, 2016

Wake lock seemed to have no effect.

Maybe this should be reverted then : ae0c334

Also don't hesitate to remove branches that have been merged already ;-).

// recalculate # of milliseconds that have passed since the last video interrupt,
// taking into account the time we just waited
CurrentFPSTime = SDL_GetTicks();

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