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Pre-built binary bundles for the following platforms are available here for your download:

Linux 32-bit
Linux 64-bit
Linux 64-bit Ubuntu version
Windows 32-bit
Windows 32-bit with New Dynarec
Macintosh OSX 64-bit
Source Code Only

The Windows packages were built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, and you may need to install the Microsoft redistributable package for this version of Visual Studio, if your operating system is too old.

The New Dynarec is much faster than our original one, but it is not as well tested and may contain defects which cause bugs in game playback, graphical artifacts, or crashes. For Windows users whose computers are not fast enough to play games well with the standard build, you may try out the New Dynarec build.

The Ubuntu Linux distribution still uses an older version of LibPNG which is no longer used with most other distributions. For this reason, I have built a special binary bundle for use with Ubuntu Linux. This package is built against SDL 1.2 and LibPNG 1.2, so it should run on nearly all Ubuntu versions.

Each bundle contains the following modules:

  • mupen64plus-core
  • mupen64plus-audio-sdl
  • mupen64plus-input-sdl
  • mupen64plus-rsp-hle
  • mupen64plus-video-glide64mk2
  • mupen64plus-video-rice
  • mupen64plus-ui-console

Note that this bundle includes the 'ui-console' front-end application, which is command-line only. For GUI front-end applications and other plugins, see: