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A cross-platform 2D sci-fi themed tech demo written in C99
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Tau Ceti

GitHub project Licence Build status Language grade: C/C++


Tau Ceti is a cross-platform 2D sci-fi themed tech demo written in C99 using SDL2 to demonstrate the capabilities of eszFW: a cross-platform game development framework written in C.

Tau Ceti Tau Ceti

Android version

An Android version is available on Google Play:

Get it on Google Play


To play the game using the touch screen, simply hold your finger in the direction you want to go. To jump, swipe your finger up and to crouch, hold your finger on the bottom of the screen.

F:       toggle fullscreen
Q:       quit
SPACE:   jump
LEFT:    walk left
RIGHT:   walk right
DOWN:    crouch


First clone the repository including the submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules -j2
cd eszFW

To compile TauCeti under Linux use CMake as follows:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

You can run the demo by entering:

ln -s ../res

Licence and Credits

This project is licenced under the "THE BEER-WARE LICENCE". See the file for details.

Warped City by Luis Zuno (@ansimuz). Dedicated to public domain.

Every other work is also dedicated to public domain.

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