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A classic 2D platformer game in the spirit of the 1990s.
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Boondock Sam


Boondock Sam is a classic 2D platformer game in the spirit of the 1990s written in C using SDL2 and the TMX Map Format (Tile Map XML).

Last but not least: follow-on project of Rainbow Joe which I do not wanna develop any further.

Why C?

A question I hear alot is why I'm using C for this project instead of a modern language like Rust, Haskell or [insert your preferred language here], because writing games in C is neither a easy thing to do nor very common (these days).

The main reason is simple: to get exercise in C programming. And writing a game in C seemed like a fun way of getting some. Even though I am currently trying to get on with Haskell, I still consider C a fun and challenging language.

Anyway: I hope you find the code of this project useful. If so, feel free to use it in any way you want. Just consider buying me a beer in case we meet someday.


The program has been successfully compiled with the following libraries:

libxml2    2.9.8
sdl2       2.0.8
sdl2_image 2.0.3
sdl2_mixer 2.0.2
zlib       1.2.11


All libraries can be installed normally via brew given the above formula names.

Additionally, MacOS builds require icu4c (installed with brew install icu4c).

Further, icu4c and libxml2 will need to be force-linked using brew link --force icu4c libxml2.


To compile Boondock Sam under Linux simply enter:


If you're on NixOS enter:

nix-shell --command make

Due libxml2 isn't available via emscripten-ports, the Emscripten support is in an experimental stage:

make emscripten

To generate the documentation using doxygen enter:



P:     pause
C:     unpause
Q:     quit
0:     set default zoom level
1:     zoom out
2:     zoom in
LEFT:  walk left
RIGHT: walk right
SPACE: jump

License and Credits

This project is licenced under the "THE BEER-WARE LICENCE". See the file for details.

TMX C Loader by Bayle Jonathan is licenced under a BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" Licence. See the file COPYING for details.

inih by Ben Hoyt is licensed the New BSD licence. See the file LICENSE.txt for details.

Jungle Asset Pack by Jesse M.

Cheap 4track by Emma M. Andersson.

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