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Arduide (a Qt-based Arduino IDE)


ArduIDE is a Qt-based IDE for the open-source Arduino electronics prototyping platform.

This project is an attempt to provide an alternative to the original Java IDE. It is faster and provides a richer feature set for experienced developers.


Here is a video of the IDE.

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Arduide depends on the following projects:

  • QScintilla2 - Qt port of Scintilla.
  • Grantlee - A library to separate structure of documents from the data they contain.
  • Libudev - Allows access to device information.
  • Qt4 - Cross-platform application framework.
  • cmake - Manage build process.
  • Doxygen - Documentation generator

Here are the names of the packages needed for some distributions (subject to changes).

Arch Linux

$ sudo pacman -S qt4 qtwebkit qscintilla grantlee udev cmake git doxygen


$ sudo apt-get install libqscintilla2-dev libudev-dev libgrantlee-dev libgrantlee-core0 qt4-qmake cmake git doxygen


$ git clone https://git.gitorious.org/arduide/arduide.git
$ cd arduide && mkdir build && cd build
$ make
# make install

Internal documentation

Provided that you have doxygen installed, you may generate the documentation by running the following command:

$ make doc

The documentation will then be available under multiple formats in /doc/.


  1. Fork it.
  2. Create a branch (git checkout -b my_markup)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -ams "Added something very cool")
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my_markup)
  5. Open a Pull Request
  6. Enjoy a good book and wait 📖


See: http://mupuf.org/project/arduide/