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Mastermind game for iPhone. I wrote it when the first iPhone was released in 2007. The original page can be found in google code archive. The page is here for historical reasons only.

It should work with any web browsers with JavaScript on. But I wrote it mainly for iPhone, so I'll use the word iPhone instead of browser.

The game was written using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) v1.4.10.

To play, point your iPhone to


  • Your iPhone creates a code with 4 colors randomly picked from 6 colors (first row).
  • The number of colors can repeat.
  • Your goal is to find the code.
  • Start by guessing 4 colors.
  • Score will be given with black and/or white pegs.
  • A black peg indicates a color is correct and it is also at the right position. A white peg indicates a color is correct but it is at the wrong position. The scoring pegs do not indicate the order of the guessed colors.