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An online Go board with real-time updates
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Sensei no Goban - 先生の碁盤

Sensei no Goban is an online Go board that shows all of your movements; you don't have to drop the stone. It does not force you to use the rules of Go, so it is ideal for teaching games.

I wanted to recreate the feel of playing in person and watching the other person move their pieces, instead of simply seeing a piece pop into existence on the next turn. I was inspired by a demo that I played that used a similar concept albeit with physics and 3d, Wolfire Games' Desparate Gods.

SnG is written in Javascript, using Meteor as its framework and Raphaël for rendering SVG images.

How to use

You can try SnG out at Be aware that this is a public site, so hopefully people won't abuse it! In the future I plan on adding public and private rooms, along with other features.

How to run it yourself

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Install Meteor (it's very easy to do!)
  3. From the directory where you cloned the repo, run meteor and then point your web browser at localhost:3000
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