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My iPython Notebooks for the Udacity Statistics course
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Keyboards_-_Lesson_10_-_Sheet1.csv initial commit
Lesson 10 - Full T Test.ipynb initial commit
Lesson 10 - Problem Set.ipynb initial commit
Lesson 10 - T-tests.ipynb initial commit
Lesson 11 - Problem Set.ipynb initial commit
Lesson 11 - T-tests Continued.ipynb initial commit
Lesson 12 - One-way ANOVA.ipynb finished lesson 13
Lesson 12 - Problem Set.ipynb initial commit
Lesson 13 - ANOVA Continued.ipynb finished lesson 13
Lesson 14 - Correlation.ipynb finished lesson 14
Lesson 14 - Problem Set.ipynb finished lesson 14
Lesson 15 - Problem Set.ipynb lesson 15 complete
Lesson 15 - Regression.ipynb lesson 15 complete
Lesson 8 - Estimation.ipynb initial commit
Lesson 9 - Hypothesis Testing.ipynb initial commit
Lessons 5-9 Review.ipynb initial commit
Problem Set 13 - One-way ANOVA Continued.ipynb finished problem set 13) initial commit
StatsNotes.ipynb lesson 15 complete
beakwidth.csv initial commit
correlations-lesson14.csv started correlation
dreams-lesson14.csv finished lesson 14
engagement_learning.csv initial commit
engagement_ratio.csv initial commit
flightcosts-lesson15.csv lesson 15 complete
food_prices.csv initial commit
gestation-lesson14.csv finished lesson 14
karma.csv initial commit
stemcells-lesson15.csv lesson 15 complete
ttests.ipynb initial commit
udacity_karma.ipynb initial commit

My iPython notebooks for the Udacity Statistics course.

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