JSX Scripts to export a Photoshop document to 2x and 3x PNG's
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Scripts to export your Photoshop document to a PNG at 2x and 3x

Allows you to keep your sanity and work at 1x. Full explanation and sample PSD files on my blog: http://murdochcarpenter.com/why-you-shouldnt-design-to-retina/.

To install

Copy and paste these scripts into your Photoshop Scripts folder. On Windows this is ‘\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Presets\Scripts\’ and on Mac ‘\Applications\Adobe\Photoshop CC 2014\Presets\Scripts\’. Then anytime you want to export a 2x PNG just click File > Scripts > ExportDocument2xPNG or a 3x PNG click File > Scripts > ExportDocument3xPNG.

What the script does

  • Resizes your PSD to 200% or 300%
  • Creates a folder ‘retina’ in the same place as your PSD
  • Saves the PNG as documentname_2x.png or documentname_2x.png
  • Clears and purges the history (Undo)
  • Saves the document exactly how it was before the script ran