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AppleScripts for automating macOS
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AppleScripts for automating macOS

Inspired by John Gruber's post Quit Confirmation for Safari on MacOS on Daring Fireball, I updated his Quit Confirmation and created a couple more.

I'm also using Red Sweater's FastScripts script management utility to configure these scripts to run.

You can copy the Applications folder to your ~/Library/Scripts/ folder as a starting point if you have no other scripts or selectively copy just what you want.


Quit Confirmation

Made two small changes to Mr. Gruber's quit confirmation.

  1. If there are no open windows, don't confirm the quit.
  2. Change prompt title to Quit Safari?

Safari Confirmation Quit

Close Tab Confirmation

I didn't know I could add the functionality to Safari until Gruber's post, but I've wanted a speed bump on closing a tab for a long time. It's great to finally have it, but it's not for everyone.

Safari Confirmation Close Tab

If the current tab is Favorites, then there is no prompt.


Why only add a quit confirmation to Safari when you can turn off Chrome's annoying ⌘W long press and do it right!

Chrome Turn Off Quit Long Press

Quit Confirmation

Chrome Confirmation Quit

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