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MUREX Robotics

Building highly performant underwater ROVs for the MATE ROV Competition. Attempt the impossible.


  1. murex-2024 murex-2024 Public

    High performance ROV control software for the MATE ROV competition.

    Rust 5

  2. docs-2024 docs-2024 Public

    Cloud hosted knowledge base and documentation for MUREX

    Markdown 6

  3. electrical-2024 electrical-2024 Public

    Highly integrated electronics design and printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the MATE ROV Competition

    KiCad Layout 5

  4. murex-2023 murex-2023 Public archive

    MUREX (MATE Underwater Robotics at Exeter) 2023 Codebase

    Python 3 1


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