PyPSA powerflow integration for PowSyBl
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PyPSA powerflow integration


In order to build PyPSA powerflow integration, you need the following environment available:

  • JDK (1.8 or greater)
  • Maven
  • powsybl-core
  • Python (only tested on 2.7)


To build PyPSA powerflow integration, just do the following:

$> git clone
$> mvn clean install

It is then possible to use it as any other dependency in a Maven project.

Runtime requirements

To be able to use PyPSA, you need to have it installed in your pythons packages. PyPSA loadflow integration uses a modified version of PyPSA that includes a relaxation coefficient on Newton Raphson algorithm. It is available on GitHub:

$> git clone

To install it just do the following:

$> git checkout addRelaxationCoeffOnNewtonRaphson
$> python install

Alternatively, if you want to install it only in your user's local directory:

$> python install --user

You will also need to get Jep:

$> JAVA_HOME=<your_JDK_directory> pip install jep

Alternatively, if you want to install it only in your user's local directory:

$> JAVA_HOME=<your_JDK_directory> pip install --user jep

In runtime, you will also need to put the jep installation directory in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, and put your python library in LD_PRELOAD variable:

export LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/$LD_PRELOAD
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/jep:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH