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Colombia's population in 1918 and 1928
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Colombia's population in 1918 and 1928 Digitzed by: Mateo Uribe-Castro February, 2018

  • codmpio: current municipality code according to DANE.
  • depto2010: current department.
  • mpio2010: current municipality.
  • codmpio1928: municipality code.
  • depto1928: department according to 1928 census.
  • mpio1928: municipality according to 1928 census.
  • match: 1 = unique match in current municipalities. 2 = indigenous tribes. 3 = appears as a municipality in the census but has no data.
  • men[1918-1928]: number of men.
  • women[1918-1928]: number of women.
  • pop[1918-1928]: total population.
  • houses1928: number of households ("viviendas").
  • families1928: number of families ("familias").
  • men21_1928: number of men over 21 years old.
  • ink: dummy variable equal to 1 if some of the data was difficult to read in the pdf.
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