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Fabulous Machine

This is a project I have been working for long time now but finally got a nice enough result. It's basically a polargraph/Makeangelo machine that uses those cheap 5V 28BYJ-48 stepper motors and a NodeMCU board with MicroPython running on it.

Well it's looking like this right now:

Building structure

This machine is pretty freestyle. I don't think it will look like this for longer than a few weeks and the only part that is really tricky is the "gondola" (that one holding the pen). Query this big library of knowledge named internet for inspiration on how to build your own "polargraph", "makeangelo", "drawing machine" gondola / pen holder.

The best instructions are written in your heart and you can watch them in your dreams.


Flashing the flash-firmware

I love this expression. In fact, after you have flashing the MicroPython firmware (so hacker now) you just need to transfer the, and just if you want the

Set the wifi configuration on and the for the webrepl password.


Visit this Fabulous Machine Website to draw your ideas and get the machine instructions!

How to operate the machine

Make sure you have all the security equipment you will need, connect to your ESP8266 through usb cable or webrepl (query how to do it on your favorite search engine), and now you will can type move(x, y) replacing x and y by the coordinates you want to move. Note that the origin (0, 0) is where the pen is.

You can also define a variable called path with an array of coordinates such as [[10.0], [-5,5], [5,5]] and call drawPath(path). It would look something like this:

# Move the pen to 100 units up and 50 right, for example
# Define your path
path = [[10.0], [-5,5], [5,5]]
# Draw the path, duh