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ICFP Programming Contest 2015 submission by the

----------------------------------- WILD ---------------------------------------
=================================== BASHKORT ===================================
-------------------------------------- MAGES -----------------------------------

... with love, from Bashkortostan, best country in the world.

  Damir Akhmetzyanov (linesprower@gmail.com),
  Max Mouratov (mmouratov@gmail.com),
  Artem Ripatti (ripatti@inbox.ru).

Target platform:
  Ubuntu 14.04, x86-64.

Implementation details:
  The solver is written in C++ (an elegant weapon, for a more civilized
  age). Python was our tool of choice for building the necessary internal
  infrastructure; most notably the interactive player/visualizer and the
  experimental data analysis framework. The implementation of one of the
  prototype solvers was started in OCaml, but the C++ one quickly proved
  much more promising, so this development was put to a halt.

Build dependencies:
  Building the solver requires the stock GCC package (including g++).
  The visualizer needs "python3" and "python3-pyqt4".

Build instructions:
  Run "make" in the "state" subdirectory to produce "play_icfp2015".
  To start the visualizer, cd to python-ws/davar/ and run "python3 main.py".

Algorithm description:
  We have discovered a truly marvelous solution to this
  problem, but this README is too narrow to contain it.

Fun stuff:
  The "demo" folder contains a magical artifact of a significant power.

Important notes:
  Solving the full set of the Qualifier Problems might take several
  hours on the modern commodity hardware. Please, be patient...

  ... and thanks for the awesome contest! \o/ \o/ \o/