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package bigoquiz
import (
const PATH_PARAM_QUIZ_ID = "quizId"
const PATH_PARAM_QUESTION_ID = "questionId"
const QUERY_PARAM_QUIZ_ID = "quiz-id"
const QUERY_PARAM_SECTION_ID = "section-id"
const QUERY_PARAM_QUESTION_ID = "question-id"
const QUERY_PARAM_LIST_ONLY = "list-only"
const QUERY_PARAM_NEXT_QUESTION_SECTION_ID = "next-question-section-id"
func init() {
conf, err := config.GenerateConfig()
if err != nil {
log.Printf("Could not load conf file: %v\n", err)
// Create the session cookie store,
// using the secret key from the configuration file.
store = sessions.NewCookieStore([]byte(conf.CookieKey))
store.Options.HttpOnly = true
store.Options.Secure = true // Only send via HTTPS connections, not HTTP.
// Gob encoding for gorilla/sessions
// Otherwise, we will see errors such as this when calling store.Save():
// "
// Could not save session:'securecookie: error - caused by: securecookie: error - caused by: gob: type not registered for interface: oauth2.Token'
// "
router := httprouter.New()
router.GET("/api/quiz", restHandleQuizAll)
router.GET("/api/quiz/:" + PATH_PARAM_QUIZ_ID, restHandleQuizById)
router.GET("/api/quiz/:" + PATH_PARAM_QUIZ_ID + "/section", restHandleQuizSectionsByQuizId)
router.GET("/api/quiz/:" + PATH_PARAM_QUIZ_ID + "/question/:" + PATH_PARAM_QUESTION_ID, restHandleQuizQuestionById)
router.GET("/api/question/next", restHandleQuestionNext)
router.GET("/api/user", restHandleUser)
router.GET("/api/user-history", restHandleUserHistoryAll)
router.GET("/api/user-history/:" + PATH_PARAM_QUIZ_ID, restHandleUserHistoryByQuizId)
router.POST("/api/user-history/submit-answer", restHandleUserHistorySubmitAnswer)
router.POST("/api/user-history/submit-dont-know-answer", restHandleUserHistorySubmitDontKnowAnswer)
router.POST("/api/user-history/reset-sections", restHandleUserHistoryResetSections)
router.GET("/login/login-google", handleGoogleLogin)
router.GET("/login/callback-google", handleGoogleCallback)
router.GET("/login/login-github", handleGitHubLogin)
router.GET("/login/callback-github", handleGitHubCallback)
router.GET("/login/login-facebook", handleFacebookLogin)
router.GET("/login/callback-facebook", handleFacebookCallback)
router.GET("/login/logout", handleLogout)
// Allow Javascript requests from some domains other than the one serving this API.
// The browser issue a CORS request before actually issuing the HTTP request.
c := cors.New(cors.Options{
AllowedOrigins: []string{config.BaseUrl},
AllowedMethods: []string{"GET", "POST", "OPTIONS"},
AllowCredentials: true, // Note: The client needs to specify this too, or cookies won't be sent.
handler := c.Handler(router)
http.Handle("/", handler)
var quizzes map[string]*quiz.Quiz
var quizzesListSimple []*quiz.Quiz
var quizzesListFull []*quiz.Quiz
func loadQuizzesAndCaches() {
var err error
quizzes, err = loadQuizzes()
if err != nil {
log.Printf("Could not load quiz files: %v\n", err)
quizzesListSimple = buildQuizzesSimple(quizzes)
quizzesListFull = buildQuizzesFull(quizzes)