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Create the xdg-app package like so:

$ xdg-app-builder --require-changes ../prefixsuffix-xdgapp manifest.json
$ xdg-app build-export --gpg-sign="" /repos/prefixsuffix ../prefixsuffix-xdgapp
$ xdg-app repo-update /repos/prefixsuffix

Then copy all of /repos/prefixsuffix/* into the repos/ directory that appears on the website. For prefixsuffix that is the repos/ directory in its gh_pages branch on github:

Users will need to download the gpg key too, so: $ gpg --output prefixsuffix.gpg --export Then copy that into the keys/ directory of the website:

Install the xdg-app package like so:

$ wget
$ xdg-app add-remote --user --gpg-import=prefixsuffix.gpg prefixsuffix
$ xdg-app install-app --user prefixsuffix io.github.murraycu.PrefixSuffix

Run the xdg-app like so:

$ xdg-app run io.github.murraycu.PrefixSuffix
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