Long Beach Craft Day Schedules and Events
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Crafts + Electronics + Art + Storytelling. Choose your own adventure~!

This is a public pre-alpha project to track ideas and plan for future craft days in Long Beach (and sometimes in and around LA).

More details to come, but in the spirit of Just Getting This Started, the repo exists as a place for collaboration and planning, and also to track any code or assets related to these projects.

A few previous projects included:

  • LED Hairbows
  • Vinyl Cutting and Illustration
  • Woodworking
  • Welding and Metal work

The plan is to hold one craft day a quarter - centered around a specific technology or project!

Craft Day 1 - Saturday February 24, 2018:

Let's build Gemma Sequin Hats using Adafruit's Gemma board, LED sequins, and conductive thread!

RSVP here: Long Beach Craft Day - RSVP