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A simple set of best practices to get HTML5 projects off on the right foot.
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HTML5 Reset

HTML5 Reset is a simple set of best practices to get web projects off on the right foot.

Command-line installation:

bower install HTML5-Reset

Some of the features:

  1. A style sheet designed to strip initial styles from browsers, starting your development off with a blank slate.
  2. Easy to customize — remove whatever you don't need, keep what you do.
  3. Google Analytics and jQuery calls
  4. Meta tags ready for population
  5. Empty print and small-screen media queries
  6. Modernizr.js enables HTML5 compatibility with IE (and a dozen other great features)
  7. Prefix-free.js allowing us to only use un-prefixed styles in our CSS
  8. IE-specific classes for simple CSS targeting (if that's your thing)
  9. iPhone/iPad/iTouch icon snippets, plus social/app meta tags for Twitter, Facebook
  10. Lots of other keen details

Get the WordPress theme:

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