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Mashup Generator

The mashup generator is an application that can be used to view a person's tweets and github events.

It retrieves and parses the tweets / events in parallel. The data is then presented using a clojurescript application.

The data can also be grouped using either day, month or year. Only the data is sent across the wire, while the html is generated on the client.


To run the application, please do the following -

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Run lein deps.
  3. Run lein cljsbuild once.
  4. Run lein repl.

(leiningen 2 is assumed to be the default lein.)

lein repl starts the development server and serves the index page.


The configuration options are specified in the config.clj

The sample configuration provided with the application is enough to run the app out of the box.

There are two set of config values that need to be specified. The first one being the oauth credentials for twitter and the second the user name for github. Both of these values are specified in the included

To undersatnd more about the configuration options please visit the config.clj section in the documentation.


The documentation is done using the excellent marginalia lib. The generated documentation is avalaible on the project page.

Please visit the documentation (


The project uses the excellent midje library for writing and running tests err... facts ! (The cljs code is not tested and midje doesnt support it)

The test are intermingled with the code. This is a personal preference as it minimizes context switiching.

Tests can be run using lein midje :autotest.


This project certainly stands on the shoulder of giants. A big shoutout to the authors of the following libs-

  • Ring - For making the clojure web ecosystem possible !
  • Compojure - For creating a composable routing DSL.
  • clj-oauth - For creating a sane oauth authentication lib.
  • twitter-api - For providing a wrapper for the insanity that is twitter api.
  • webfui - For releasing one of the best clojurescript app frameworks that I have seen. I really hope it makes it into the big league !
  • clj-time - For publishing a deal saver when dealing with date and time !
  • shoreleave and fetch - For making cljs remoting a piece of cake.
  • domina - For providing a native way to manipulate the dom.
  • cljsbuild - For making clojurescript compilation effortless.
  • pedantic - For making it possible to discover conflicting dependencies.
  • clojure.core - For giving us a platform called clojure!!!

Open Source Rocks and Clojure Rocks Open Source !!!


I did ask a lot of questions on stackoverflow, and am thankful to the numerous authors who shared their knowledge with me ! A lot of code, patterns and revisions would not have been possible without their help.

You can check out my questions over here.

Known Bugs

Yes even shiny new porjects have them -

  1. The day button should be pressed when the page loads. Currently unable to execute the js needed for this.

  2. The cljs repl doesnt work, as webfui replaces the complete body with the generated html, thus also removing the repl callback in the process.


Copyright © 2013 Murtaza Husain