Run, dynamo, run!
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Run, dynamo, run!

Adventure mode!

If you are felling adventurous, create a Dynamo app in few steps:

1) Ensure you are on Elixir master;

2) Clone this repository and go to its directory;

3) Get Dynamo dependencies and run tests with: MIX_ENV=test mix do deps.get, test

4) Create a project: mix dynamo path/to/your/app

Congratulations! You created your first Dynamo app! Let's run it:

1) Go to your app

2) Get dependencies with: mix deps.get

3) Run it: mix server

Check app/ and config/ folders for more info. Changes done in the app directory are picked up without a need to reload the server!

Public content is served from public/ folder and from the /public route.

Production use is done with: MIX_ENV=prod mix do compile, server