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Release process

This document simply outlines the release process:

1) Remove -dev extension from VERSION

2) Run make clean test to ensure all tests pass from scratch and the CI is green

3) Ensure CHANGELOG is updated and tag release version with timestamp in it

4) Commit changes above with title "Release vVERSION"

5) Push master and create tag vVERSION from master branch

6) Update build info to include tag: make build_info

7) Release new docs with make release_docs, move docs to docs/stable

8) Release new zip with make release_zip, push new zip to GitHub Releases

9) Push package to expm with expm publish package.exs

10) Merge master into stable branch and push it

11) After release, bump versions, add -dev back and commit

12) make release_docs once again and push it to

Places where version is mentioned

  • src/