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Listen to Twitter

Listen to Twitter is a Python2 web application that allows you to convert the sentiment of any topic into a unique musical melody in real-time. The happier the general discussion, the higher the pitch of each note; the more tweets there are, the faster the notes play.

A live version is available at

Python dependencies

The application has the following Python dependencies, which can be installed via pip:

  • flask-socketio==0.4.0
  • textblob
  • tweepy
  • Flask==0.10.1
  • gevent==1.1b4

Setup notes

If you'd like to setup your own copy of the application, following these instructions:

  1. Install the above Python dependencies.
  2. Clone the repository.
  3. Copy listentotwitter/ to listentotwitter/
  4. Edit the TWITTER_* variables in listentotwitter/ with your Twitter API keys.
  5. Edit the HTTP_* variables in listentotwitter/ with the host and port that the web server should bind to.
  6. Run python
  7. The web server should now be running and accessible from your web browser.


Initially created by Mustafa Al-Bassam, Mark Ormesher, Fares Alaboud and Kristin Kasavetova as Noisy Tweets at MLH Launch Hack.