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These are mobile applications for breakout.js client.
One is Android, the other is iOS.

Android is using websocket plugin because Android doesn't support 
WebSocket in WebView.(I tested WebSocket functionality with *ICS 4.0.4 on Galaxy S*)

The WebSocket I used is <>.
However the WebSocket in this plugin is old one, so it is not able to communicate with breakout.js server.
I added new WebSocket spec in the plugin. The code is <>.

iOS is not using websocket plugin. WebSocket in UIWebView is working fine.
(I tested WebSocket functionality with *iOS 5.1 on iPhone 4GS*)

# Pre-condition


- You have to download Cordova 1.7 library for using it in eclipse.


- You have to install Cordova 1.7 library in your OSX.

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