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mt76: update to the latest version

3c6df9b mt76: rewrite dma descriptor base and ring size on queue reset
30e757e mt76: mt76x02: when setting a key, use PN from mac80211
fa83406 mt76: mt76x2: implement full device restart on watchdog reset
ead881b mt76: mt76x02: do not sync PN for keys with sw_iv set
ba1d989 mt76: mmio: move mt76x02_set_irq_mask in mt76 module
283ebbe mt76: dma: move mt76x02_init_{tx,rx}_queue in mt76 module
b216d3c mt76: introduce q->stopped parameter
8b437d2 mt76x02: clear sta and vif driver data structures on add
2c62d03 mt76x02: clear running flag when resetting state on restart
6b10cfc mt76: mt76x02: only update the base mac address if necessary
669bc49 mt76: mt76x02: reduce false positives in ED/CCA tx blocking
2ed9382 mt76: mt7603: fix tx status HT rate validation
d2c6823 mt76: mt76x2: fix external LNA gain settings
8ee2259 mt76: mt76x2: fix 2.4 GHz channel gain settings
8bfe6d4 mt76: mt7603: clear ps filtering mode before releasing buffered frames
d13b065 mt76: mt7603: fix up hardware queue index for PS filtered packets
eb1ecc4 mt76: mt7603: notify mac80211 about buffered frames in ps queue
3687eec mt76: mt7603: clear the service period on releasing PS filtered packets
42ab27e mt76: when releasing PS frames, end the service period if no frame was found
461f3b0 mt76: mt76x02: disable ED/CCA by default

Signed-off-by: Felix Fietkau <>
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nbd168 committed Mar 1, 2019
1 parent 4590af2 commit 33201a3ad1087d107a8a66b4e2a73019021e2628
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@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ PKG_LICENSE_FILES:=


PKG_MAINTAINER:=Felix Fietkau <>

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