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build: Use LINUX_DIR for Kernel/Patch

Use LINUX_DIR as a path when patching kernel. Doesn't break the current usage,
but allows to create packages that will contain variation of a kernel with
kernel being build in some subdirectory of PKG_BUILD_DIR.

Signed-off-by: Michal Hrusecky <>
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miska authored and jow- committed Oct 11, 2018
1 parent 19850b6 commit 37e91861cc6b1988531e2c68131d65053e7dd230
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@@ -94,17 +94,17 @@ endef

kernel_files=$(foreach fdir,$(GENERIC_FILES_DIR) $(FILES_DIR),$(fdir)/.)
define Kernel/Patch/Default
$(if $(QUILT),rm -rf $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/patches; mkdir -p $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/patches)
$(if $(QUILT),rm -rf $(LINUX_DIR)/patches; mkdir -p $(LINUX_DIR)/patches)
$(if $(kernel_files),$(CP) $(kernel_files) $(LINUX_DIR)/)
find $(LINUX_DIR)/ -name \*.rej -or -name \*.orig | $(XARGS) rm -f
if [ -d $(GENERIC_PLATFORM_DIR)/patches$(if $(wildcard $(GENERIC_PLATFORM_DIR)/patches-$(KERNEL_PATCHVER)),-$(KERNEL_PATCHVER)) ]; then \
echo "generic patches directory is present. please move your patches to the pending directory" ; \
exit 1; \
$(call PatchDir,$(PKG_BUILD_DIR),$(GENERIC_BACKPORT_DIR),generic-backport/)
$(call PatchDir,$(PKG_BUILD_DIR),$(GENERIC_PATCH_DIR),generic/)
$(call PatchDir,$(PKG_BUILD_DIR),$(GENERIC_HACK_DIR),generic-hack/)
$(call PatchDir,$(PKG_BUILD_DIR),$(PATCH_DIR),platform/)
$(call PatchDir,$(LINUX_DIR),$(GENERIC_BACKPORT_DIR),generic-backport/)
$(call PatchDir,$(LINUX_DIR),$(GENERIC_PATCH_DIR),generic/)
$(call PatchDir,$(LINUX_DIR),$(GENERIC_HACK_DIR),generic-hack/)
$(call PatchDir,$(LINUX_DIR),$(PATCH_DIR),platform/)

define Quilt/RefreshDir

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