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Shiny Application using CMS Health data spatially

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Shiny Application using CMS Health data spatially. server.R and ui.R are the shiny applications and the Rda is the file. CSV is from the medicaid data set.

server.R - uses googleVis and shiny to read in the data and create the sidebar panels and the plot

ui.R - adds the paragraphs and html markups of the doc and lays out the interface

geocoded.csv - used to batch geocode the hospitals (and used Google Maps to touch up the 4 that didn't convert) - contains address, lat and long

Medicare_Data.Rda - csv from .zip file, compressed to Rda

IPPS_DRG_CSV - from - where the csv is located.

make_lat_long - used to make Medicare_Data.Rda (need to unzip IPPS_DRG_CSV)

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