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Opininionated Mobx App Structure
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Opinionated Mobx Structure


MobX Models provides an opinionated structure for managing MobX stores, collections models and more.

Currently Included

  • Model
  • Collection
  • Schema
  • ViewModel

Check out the files for basic usage.


  • Reduce boilerplate for things like loading flags and saving functions
  • Only keep one copy of a model at a given time
  • First class support for using and working with forms
  • Opinionated structure

Outstanding Questions / Ideas

  • How to implement subscriptions for self updating.
  • Can we generalize the model save and destroy?
  • Collections, storing as list of ID's or list of models. (in stores)
  • Where to put collections and how to organize them. (in models)
  • View model's still need to be added. (added)
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