Android/Java client wrapper library for the API. Set up similarly to the Google APIs Client Library for Java.

README.textile API Client Wrapper Library for Java/Android


API Wrapper for written in Java (not with support for authentication using OAuth yet). Modelled to be exactly like Google APIs Client Library for Java 1.6 . It’s being used with JSON a lot, but it is fairly abstracted from whatever tech you want to use.

Dependencies are the same as the Google APIs Client Library for Java. One extra dependency is the general API package from Collectionista

The best demo for this library is Collectionista, an Android app collection manager with an extension for sheet music, from which it was extracted. Code can be found at Launchpad. Have a look at lp:~pjv/collectionista/sheetmusic . Then copy net.lp.collectionista.adapters.MuseScoreSheetMusicStore into your project (you’ll need to change it a lot or roll your own). This is where you choose the technologies you’ll use etc. The using class is

If you’re new to OAuth I’d recommend to have a look at the official docs and the last video on using OAuth with Android which says it’s basically impossible in 2011.

Got questions or need support? Don’t hesitate to contact us!
This library and Collectionista: pjv (ezelspinguin at gmail dot com), Thomas Stockx
MuseScore: Thomas and Lasconic

Getting started

See the wiki page Getting started for more information.