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// MuseScore
// Music Composition & Notation
// $Id: measure.h 5628 2012-05-15 07:46:43Z wschweer $
// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Werner Schweer
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
// as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in
// the file LICENCE.GPL
#ifndef __MEASURE_H__
#define __MEASURE_H__
Definition of classes MStaff, Measure and MeasureList.
#include "measurebase.h"
#include "fraction.h"
#include "segmentlist.h"
class Xml;
class Beam;
class Tuplet;
class Staff;
class Chord;
class Text;
class ChordRest;
class Score;
class MuseScoreView;
class System;
class Note;
class Spacer;
class TieMap;
class SpannerMap;
class AccidentalState;
class Spanner;
class Part;
// MStaff
/// Per staff values of measure.
struct MStaff {
qreal distanceUp;
qreal distanceDown;
StaffLines* lines;
Spacer* _vspacerUp;
Spacer* _vspacerDown;
bool hasVoices; ///< indicates that MStaff contains more than one voice,
///< this changes some layout rules
bool _visible;
bool _slashStyle;
bool visible() const { return _visible; }
void setVisible(bool val) { _visible = val; }
bool slashStyle() const { return _slashStyle; }
void setSlashStyle(bool val) { _slashStyle = val; }
void setScore(Score*);
void setTrack(int);
enum {
RepeatEnd = 1,
RepeatStart = 2,
RepeatMeasureFlag = 4,
RepeatJump = 8
// @@ Measure
/// one measure in a system
class Measure : public MeasureBase {
SegmentList _segments;
Fraction _timesig;
Fraction _len; ///< actual length of measure
int _repeatCount; ///< end repeat marker und repeat count
int _repeatFlags; ///< or'd RepeatType's
QList<MStaff*> staves;
QList<Spanner*> _spannerFor;
QList<Spanner*> _spannerBack;
int _no; ///< Measure number, counting from zero
int _noOffset; ///< Offset to measure number
Text* _noText; ///< Measure number text object
qreal _userStretch;
mutable qreal _minWidth1; ///< minimal measure width without system header
mutable qreal _minWidth2; ///< minimal measure width with system header
bool _irregular; ///< Irregular measure, do not count
bool _breakMultiMeasureRest; ///< set by user
bool _breakMMRest; ///< set by layout
bool _endBarLineGenerated;
bool _endBarLineVisible;
BarLineType _endBarLineType;
BarLineType _mmEndBarLineType; ///< bar line type if this measure is presented
///< as multi measure rest
int _multiMeasure; // set from layout();
// 0 - normal measure
// > 0 - multi measure rest;
// < 0 - skipped measure
int _playbackCount; // temp. value used in RepeatList
// counts how many times this measure was already played
QColor _endBarLineColor;
void push_back(Segment* e);
void push_front(Segment* e);
void* pTimesig() { return &_timesig; }
void* pLen() { return &_len; }
Measure(Score* = 0);
Measure(const Measure&);
virtual Measure* clone() const { return new Measure(*this); }
virtual ElementType type() const { return MEASURE; }
virtual void setScore(Score* s);
Measure* cloneMeasure(Score*, TieMap*, SpannerMap*);
virtual void read(const QDomElement&, int idx);
void read(const QDomElement& d) { read(d, 0); }
virtual void write(Xml&, int, bool writeSystemElements) const;
// virtual void write(Xml&) const;
void writeBox(Xml&) const;
void readBox(const QDomElement&);
virtual bool isEditable() const { return false; }
virtual void add(Element*);
virtual void remove(Element*);
virtual void change(Element* o, Element* n);
System* system() const { return (System*)parent(); }
QList<MStaff*>* staffList() { return &staves; }
MStaff* mstaff(int staffIdx) { return staves[staffIdx]; }
bool hasVoices(int staffIdx) const { return staves[staffIdx]->hasVoices; }
StaffLines* staffLines(int staffIdx) { return staves[staffIdx]->lines; }
int no() const { return _no; }
bool irregular() const { return _irregular; }
void setIrregular(bool val) { _irregular = val; }
int noOffset() const { return _noOffset; }
Text* noText() const { return _noText; }
void setNo(int n) { _no = n; }
void setNoOffset(int n) { _noOffset = n; }
virtual qreal distanceUp(int i) const { return staves[i]->distanceUp; }
virtual qreal distanceDown(int i) const { return staves[i]->distanceDown; }
virtual qreal userDistanceUp(int i) const;
virtual qreal userDistanceDown(int i) const;
qreal minWidth1() const;
qreal minWidth2() const;
void setMinWidth1(qreal w) { _minWidth1 = w; }
void setMinWidth2(qreal w) { _minWidth2 = w; }
bool systemHeader() const;
void setDirty();
Fraction timesig() const { return _timesig; }
void setTimesig(const Fraction& f) { _timesig = f; }
Fraction len() const { return _len; }
Fraction stretchedLen(Staff*) const;
void setLen(const Fraction& f) { _len = f; }
virtual int ticks() const { return _len.ticks(); }
int size() const { return _segments.size(); }
Q_INVOKABLE Segment* first() const { return _segments.first(); }
Segment* first(Segment::SegmentTypes t) const { return _segments.first(t); }
Q_INVOKABLE Segment* last() const { return _segments.last(); }
Segment* firstCRSegment() const { return _segments.firstCRSegment(); }
void remove(Segment* s);
SegmentList* segments() { return &_segments; }
qreal userStretch() const { return _userStretch; }
void setUserStretch(qreal v) { _userStretch = v; }
void layoutX(qreal stretch);
void layout(qreal width);
void layout2();
Chord* findChord(int tick, int track, int gl);
ChordRest* findChordRest(int tick, int track);
int snap(int tick, const QPointF p) const;
int snapNote(int tick, const QPointF p, int staff) const;
void insertStaff(Staff*, int staff);
void insertMStaff(MStaff* staff, int idx);
void removeMStaff(MStaff* staff, int idx);
virtual void moveTicks(int diff);
void cmdRemoveStaves(int s, int e);
void cmdAddStaves(int s, int e, bool createRest);
void removeStaves(int s, int e);
void insertStaves(int s, int e);
qreal tick2pos(int) const;
Segment* tick2segment(int, bool grace = false) const;
void sortStaves(QList<int>& dst);
void dump() const;
virtual bool acceptDrop(MuseScoreView*, const QPointF&, Element*) const;
virtual Element* drop(const DropData&);
int repeatCount() const { return _repeatCount; }
void setRepeatCount(int val) { _repeatCount = val; }
Segment* undoGetSegment(Segment::SegmentType st, int tick);
Segment* getSegment(Element* el, int tick);
Segment* getSegment(Segment::SegmentType st, int tick);
Segment* getGraceSegment(int tick, int gl);
Segment* findSegment(Segment::SegmentType st, int t);
bool createEndBarLines();
void setEndBarLineType(BarLineType val, bool g, bool visible = true, QColor color = Qt::black);
BarLineType endBarLineType() const { return _endBarLineType; }
void setMmEndBarLineType(BarLineType v) { _mmEndBarLineType = v; }
bool setStartRepeatBarLine(bool);
bool endBarLineGenerated() const { return _endBarLineGenerated; }
void setEndBarLineGenerated(bool v) { _endBarLineGenerated = v; }
bool endBarLineVisible() const { return _endBarLineVisible; }
QColor endBarLineColor() const { return _endBarLineColor; }
void cmdRemoveEmptySegment(Segment* s);
virtual void scanElements(void* data, void (*func)(void*, Element*), bool all=true);
void createVoice(int track);
void adjustToLen(Fraction);
int repeatFlags() const { return _repeatFlags; }
void setRepeatFlags(int val);
AccidentalVal findAccidental(Note*) const;
AccidentalVal findAccidental(Segment* s, int staffIdx, int line) const;
void exchangeVoice(int, int, int, int);
void checkMultiVoices(int staffIdx);
bool hasVoice(int track) const;
bool isMeasureRest(int staffIdx);
bool isFullMeasureRest();
bool isRepeatMeasure(Part* part);
bool visible(int staffIdx) const;
bool slashStyle(int staffIdx) const;
bool breakMultiMeasureRest() const { return _breakMultiMeasureRest | _breakMMRest; }
bool breakMMRest() const { return _breakMMRest; }
void setBreakMMRest(bool v) { _breakMMRest = v; }
bool getBreakMultiMeasureRest() const { return _breakMultiMeasureRest; }
void setBreakMultiMeasureRest(bool val) { _breakMultiMeasureRest = val; }
int multiMeasure() const { return _multiMeasure; }
void setMultiMeasure(int val) { _multiMeasure = val; }
bool isEmpty() const;
void layoutChords0(Segment* segment, int startTrack);
void layoutChords10(Segment* segment, int startTrack, AccidentalState*);
void updateAccidentals(Segment* segment, int staffIdx, AccidentalState*);
void layoutStage1();
int playbackCount() const { return _playbackCount; }
void setPlaybackCount(int val) { _playbackCount = val; }
QRectF staffabbox(int staffIdx) const;
QList<Spanner*> spannerFor() const { return _spannerFor; }
QList<Spanner*> spannerBack() const { return _spannerBack; }
void addSpannerBack(Spanner* e) { _spannerBack.append(e); }
void removeSpannerBack(Spanner* e) { _spannerBack.removeOne(e); }
void addSpannerFor(Spanner* e) { _spannerFor.append(e); }
void removeSpannerFor(Spanner* e) { _spannerFor.removeOne(e); }
virtual QVariant getProperty(P_ID propertyId) const;
virtual bool setProperty(P_ID propertyId, const QVariant&);
virtual QVariant propertyDefault(P_ID) const;
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