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MuseScore Build Status

MuseScore free music notation software.

  • aeolus Clone of Aeolus

  • awl Audio Widget Library, from the MusE project

  • build Utility files for build

  • bww2mxml Command line tool to convert BWW files to MusicXML. BWW parser is used by MuseScore to import BWW files.

  • demos A few MuseScore files to demonstrate what can be done

  • fluid Clone of FluidSynth, ported to C++ and customized

  • fonts Contains fontforge source + ttf or sfd version (bc. the ttf/sfd can only be created on the linux platform)

  • libmscore Data model of MuseScore. It is a subtree and you can find it standalone on GitHub

  • mscore Main code for the MuseScore UI

  • mstyle Clone of KDE4 style Oxygen

  • msynth Abstract interface to Fluid + Aeolus

  • mtest Unit testing using QTest

  • omr Optical music recognition

  • share Files moved to /usr/share/... on install

  • test Old tests. Should move to mtest

  • thirdparty Contains projects which are included for convenience, usually to integrate them into the build system to make them available for all supported platforms.

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