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// MuseScore
// Music Composition & Notation
// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Werner Schweer
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
// as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in
// the file LICENCE.GPL
#ifndef __SCORE_H__
#define __SCORE_H__
Definition of Score class.
#include "input.h"
#include "mscore.h"
#include "style.h"
#include "durationtype.h"
#include "select.h"
#include "fraction.h"
#include "interval.h"
#include "sparm.h"
#include "mscoreview.h"
#include "segment.h"
#include "note.h"
class TempoMap;
struct TEvent;
class SigEvent;
class TimeSigMap;
class System;
class TextStyle;
class Page;
class PageFormat;
class ElementList;
class Selection;
class Segment;
class Rest;
class Xml;
class Articulation;
class Note;
class Chord;
class ChordRest;
class Slur;
class Hairpin;
class Undo;
class Part;
class BSymbol;
class KeySig;
class KeySigEvent;
class Volta;
class MidiEvent;
class Excerpt;
class EventMap;
class Harmony;
struct Channel;
class Tuplet;
class Dynamic;
class Measure;
class MeasureBase;
class Staff;
class Part;
class Instrument;
class UndoStack;
class RepeatList;
class MusicXmlCreator;
class TimeSig;
class Clef;
class Beam;
class Lyrics;
class Text;
class Omr;
class Audio;
class Parameter;
class StaffType;
class Revisions;
class Spanner;
class MuseScoreView;
class LinkedElements;
class Fingering;
class QPainter;
class FiguredBass;
class UndoCommand;
class Cursor;
struct PageContext;
extern bool showRubberBand;
enum {
// LayoutMode
enum LayoutMode {
LayoutPage, LayoutFloat, LayoutLine, LayoutSystem
// MeasureBaseList
class MeasureBaseList {
int _size;
MeasureBase* _first;
MeasureBase* _last;
void push_back(MeasureBase* e);
void push_front(MeasureBase* e);
MeasureBase* first() const { return _first; }
MeasureBase* last() const { return _last; }
void clear() { _first = _last = 0; _size = 0; }
void add(MeasureBase*);
void remove(MeasureBase*);
void insert(MeasureBase*, MeasureBase*);
void remove(MeasureBase*, MeasureBase*);
void change(MeasureBase* o, MeasureBase* n);
int size() const { return _size; }
// MidiMapping
struct MidiMapping {
char port;
char channel;
Part* part;
Channel* articulation;
// MidiInputEvent
struct MidiInputEvent {
int pitch;
bool chord;
// Position
struct Position {
Segment* segment;
int staffIdx;
int line;
int fret;
QPointF pos;
// LayoutFlag bits
enum LayoutFlag {
typedef QFlags<LayoutFlag> LayoutFlags;
// PlayMode
enum PlayMode {
// Layer
struct Layer {
QString name;
uint tags;
// @@ Score
// @P name QString name of the score
// @P nstaves int number of staves, read only
// @P ntracks int number of tracks (staves * 4), read only
// @P npages int number of pages, read only
class Score : public QObject {
Q_PROPERTY(QString name READ name WRITE setName)
Q_PROPERTY(int nstaves READ nstaves)
Q_PROPERTY(int ntracks READ ntracks)
Q_PROPERTY(int npages READ npages)
enum FileError {
int _linkId;
Score* _parentScore; // set if score is an excerpt (part)
QReadWriteLock _layoutLock;
QList<MuseScoreView*> viewer;
QDate _creationDate;
QString _mscoreVersion;
int _mscoreRevision;
Revisions* _revisions;
QList<Excerpt*> _excerpts;
QString _layerTags[32];
QString _layerTagComments[32];
QList<Layer> _layer;
int _currentLayer;
int _symIdx; // used symbol set, derived from style
int _pageNumberOffset; ///< Offset for page numbers.
MeasureBaseList _measures; // here are the notes
// generated objects during layout:
QList<Page*> _pages; // pages are build from systems
QList<System*> _systems; // measures are akkumulated to systems
// temp values used during doLayout:
int curPage;
int curSystem;
MeasureBase* curMeasure;
UndoStack* _undo;
QQueue<MidiInputEvent> midiInputQueue;
QList<MidiMapping> _midiMapping;
RepeatList* _repeatList;
TimeSigMap* _sigmap;
TempoMap* _tempomap;
InputState _is;
MStyle _style;
QList<StaffType*> _staffTypes;
QFileInfo info;
bool _created; ///< file is never saved, has generated name
QString _tmpName; ///< auto saved with this name if not empty
// the following variables are reset on startCmd()
// modified during cmd processing and used in endCmd() to
// determine what to layout and what to repaint:
QRectF refresh;
Measure* startLayout; ///< start a relayout at this measure
LayoutFlags layoutFlags;
bool _testMode; // prepare for regression tests
bool _updateAll;
bool _layoutAll; ///< do a complete relayout
bool _undoRedo; ///< true if in processing a undo/redo
bool _playNote; ///< play selected note after command
bool _excerptsChanged;
bool _instrumentsChanged;
bool _selectionChanged;
bool _showInvisible;
bool _showUnprintable;
bool _showFrames;
bool _showPageborders;
bool _showInstrumentNames;
bool _showVBox;
bool _printing; ///< True if we are drawing to a printer
bool _playlistDirty;
bool _autosaveDirty;
bool _dirty; ///< Score data was modified.
bool _saved; ///< True if project was already saved; only on first
///< save a backup file will be created, subsequent
///< saves will not overwrite the backup file.
LayoutMode _layoutMode;
Qt::KeyboardModifiers keyState;
QList<Part*> _parts;
QList<Staff*> _staves;
int _playPos; ///< sequencer seek position
bool _foundPlayPosAfterRepeats; ///< Temporary used during playback rendering
///< indicating if playPos after expanded repeats
///< has been calculated.
int _fileDivision; ///< division of current loading *.msc file
int _mscVersion; ///< version of current loading *.msc file
QHash<int, LinkedElements*> _elinks;
QMap<QString, QString> _metaTags;
QList<MusicXmlCreator*> _creators;
bool _creditsRead; ///< credits were read at MusicXML import
bool _defaultsRead; ///< defaults were read at MusicXML import, allow export of defaults in convertermode
Selection _selection;
QList<KeySig*> customKeysigs;
Omr* _omr;
Audio* _audio;
bool _showOmr;
PlayMode _playMode;
SyntiState _syntiState;
ChordRest* nextMeasure(ChordRest* element, bool selectBehavior = false);
ChordRest* prevMeasure(ChordRest* element);
void cmdSetBeamMode(int);
void cmdFlip();
Note* getSelectedNote();
Note* upAlt(Element*);
Note* upAltCtrl(Note*) const;
Note* downAlt(Element*);
Note* downAltCtrl(Note*) const;
ChordRest* upStaff(ChordRest* cr);
ChordRest* downStaff(ChordRest* cr);
void moveUp(Chord*);
void moveDown(Chord*);
void moveInputPos(Segment* s);
void moveToNextInputPos();
void padToggle(int n);
void cmdAddPitch(int note, bool addFlag);
void addTempo();
void addMetronome();
void cmdResetBeamMode();
void cmdInsertClef(ClefType);
void cmdExchangeVoice(int, int);
void removeChordRest(ChordRest* cr, bool clearSegment);
void cmdMoveRest(Rest*, MScore::Direction);
void cmdMoveLyrics(Lyrics*, MScore::Direction);
void cmdHalfDuration();
void cmdDoubleDuration();
void resetUserStretch();
Page* addPage();
bool layoutSystem(qreal& minWidth, qreal w, bool, bool);
bool layoutSystem1(qreal& minWidth, bool, bool);
QList<System*> layoutSystemRow(qreal w, bool, bool);
void addSystemHeader(Measure* m, bool);
System* getNextSystem(bool, bool);
bool doReLayout();
Measure* skipEmptyMeasures(Measure*, System*);
void layoutStage1();
void layoutStage2();
void layoutStage3();
void transposeKeys(int staffStart, int staffEnd, int tickStart, int tickEnd, const Interval&);
void reLayout(Measure*);
void checkSlurs();
void checkScore();
bool rewriteMeasures(Measure* fm, Measure* lm, const Fraction&);
void rewriteMeasures(Measure* fm, const Fraction& ns);
void updateVelo();
void addAudioTrack();
void parseVersion(const QString&);
QList<Fraction> splitGapToMeasureBoundaries(ChordRest*, Fraction);
void pasteChordRest(ChordRest* cr, int tick);
void init();
void removeGeneratedElements(Measure* mb, Measure* end);
qreal cautionaryWidth(Measure* m);
void setDirty(bool val);
// read context
int curTick; // for read optimizations
int curTrack;
QList<Spanner*> spanner;
QList<Beam*> beams;
void rebuildBspTree();
bool noStaves() const { return _staves.empty(); }
void insertPart(Part*, int);
void removePart(Part*);
void insertStaff(Staff*, int);
void cmdRemoveStaff(int staffIdx);
void removeStaff(Staff*);
void addMeasure(MeasureBase*, MeasureBase*);
void readStaff(const QDomElement&);
void cmdInsertPart(Part*, int);
void cmdRemovePart(Part*);
void cmdAddTie();
void cmdAddHairpin(bool);
void cmdAddStretch(qreal);
void transpose(Note* n, Interval, bool useSharpsFlats);
Score(const MStyle*);
Score(Score*); // used for excerpts
Score* clone();
bool appendScore(Score*);
int pageIdx(Page* page) const { return _pages.indexOf(page); }
void write(Xml&, bool onlySelection);
bool read(const QDomElement&);
FileError read114(const QDomElement&);
FileError read1(const QDomElement&, bool ignoreVersionError);
FileError loadCompressedMsc(QString name, bool ignoreVersionError);
QList<Staff*>& staves() { return _staves; }
const QList<Staff*>& staves() const { return _staves; }
int nstaves() const { return _staves.size(); }
int ntracks() const { return _staves.size() * VOICES; }
int npages() const { return _pages.size(); }
int staffIdx(const Part*) const;
int staffIdx(const Staff* staff) const { return _staves.indexOf((Staff*)staff, 0); }
Staff* staff(int n) const { return _staves.value(n); }
Part* part(int staffIdx);
MeasureBase* pos2measure(const QPointF&, int* staffIdx, int* pitch,
Segment**, QPointF* offset) const;
void undoAddElement(Element* element);
void undoAddGrace(Chord* c, Segment* s, bool behind);
void undoAddCR(ChordRest* element, Measure*, int tick);
void undoRemoveElement(Element* element);
void undoChangeElement(Element* oldElement, Element* newElement);
void undoChangeRepeatFlags(Measure*, int);
void undoChangeVoltaEnding(Volta* volta, const QList<int>& l);
void undoChangeVoltaText(Volta* volta, const QString& s);
void undoChangeChordRestSize(ChordRest* cr, bool small);
void undoChangeChordNoStem(Chord* cr, bool noStem);
void undoChangePitch(Note* note, int pitch, int tpc, int line/*, int fret, int string*/);
void spellNotelist(QList<Note*>& notes);
void undoChangeTpc(Note* note, int tpc);
void undoChangeChordRestLen(ChordRest* cr, const TDuration&);
void undoChangeEndBarLineType(Measure*, BarLineType);
void undoChangeBarLineSpan(Staff*, int);
void undoChangeDynamic(Dynamic* e, int velocity, Element::DynamicType type);
void undoTransposeHarmony(Harmony*, int, int);
void undoExchangeVoice(Measure* measure, int val1, int val2, int staff1, int staff2);
void undoRemovePart(Part* part, int idx);
void undoInsertPart(Part* part, int idx);
void undoRemoveStaff(Staff* staff, int idx);
void undoInsertStaff(Staff* staff, int idx);
void undoChangeInvisible(Element*, bool);
void undoMove(Element* e, const QPointF& pt);
void undoChangeBracketSpan(Staff* staff, int column, int span);
void undoChangeTuning(Note*, qreal);
void undoChangePageFormat(PageFormat*, qreal spatium, int);
void undoChangeUserMirror(Note*, MScore::DirectionH);
void undoChangeKeySig(Staff* ostaff, int tick, KeySigEvent st);
void undoChangeClef(Staff* ostaff, Segment*, ClefType st);
void undoChangeBarLine(Measure* m, BarLineType);
void undoSwapCR(ChordRest* cr1, ChordRest* cr2);
void undoChangeProperty(Element*, P_ID, const QVariant& v);
void setGraceNote(Chord*, int pitch, NoteType type, bool behind, int len);
Segment* setNoteRest(Segment*, int track, NoteVal nval, Fraction, MScore::Direction stemDirection = MScore::AUTO);
void changeCRlen(ChordRest* cr, const TDuration&);
Fraction makeGap(Segment*, int track, const Fraction&, Tuplet*);
bool makeGap1(int tick, int staffIdx, Fraction len);
Rest* addRest(int tick, int track, TDuration, Tuplet*);
Rest* addRest(Segment* seg, int track, TDuration d, Tuplet*);
Chord* addChord(int tick, TDuration d, Chord* oc, bool genTie, Tuplet* tuplet);
ChordRest* addClone(ChordRest* cr, int tick, const TDuration& d);
Rest* setRest(int tick, int track, Fraction, bool useDots, Tuplet* tuplet);
void searchSelectedElements();
void upDown(bool up, UpDownMode);
ChordRest* searchNote(int tick, int track) const;
// undo/redo ops
void addArticulation(ArticulationType);
void changeAccidental(AccidentalType);
void changeAccidental(Note* oNote, AccidentalType);
void addElement(Element*);
void removeElement(Element*);
void cmdAddSpanner(Spanner* e, const QPointF& pos, const QPointF& dragOffset);
void cmdAddBSymbol(BSymbol*, const QPointF&, const QPointF&);
Note* addNote(Chord*, int pitch);
Note* addNote(Chord*, NoteVal &noteVal);
void deleteItem(Element*);
void cmdDeleteSelectedMeasures();
void cmdDeleteSelection();
void putNote(const QPointF& pos, bool replace);
void putNote(const Position& pos, bool replace);
void setInputState(Element* obj);
void startCmd(); // start undoable command
void endCmd(); // end undoable command
void end(); // layout & update canvas
void end1();
void end2();
void update();
void cmdRemoveTimeSig(TimeSig*);
void cmdAddTimeSig(Measure*, int staffIdx, TimeSig*, bool local);
void setUpdateAll(bool v = true) { _updateAll = v; }
void setLayoutAll(bool val);
bool layoutAll() const { return _layoutAll; }
void addRefresh(const QRectF& r) { refresh |= r; }
void changeVoice(int);
void colorItem(Element*);
QList<Part*>& parts() { return _parts; }
const QList<Part*>& parts() const { return _parts; }
Part* part(int n) const { return _parts[n]; }
void appendPart(Part* p);
void updateStaffIndex();
void sortStaves(QList<int>& dst);
bool showInvisible() const { return _showInvisible; }
bool showUnprintable() const { return _showUnprintable; }
bool showFrames() const { return _showFrames; }
bool showPageborders() const { return _showPageborders; }
bool showInstrumentNames() const { return _showInstrumentNames; }
bool showVBox() const { return _showVBox; }
void setShowInvisible(bool v);
void setShowUnprintable(bool v);
void setShowFrames(bool v);
void setShowPageborders(bool v);
void setShowInstrumentNames(bool v) { _showInstrumentNames = v; }
void setShowVBox(bool v) { _showVBox = v; }
FileError loadMsc(QString name, bool ignoreVersionError);
bool saveFile(QFileInfo& info);
void saveFile(QIODevice* f, bool msczFormat, bool onlySelection = false);
void saveCompressedFile(QFileInfo&, bool onlySelection);
void saveCompressedFile(QIODevice*, QFileInfo&, bool onlySelection);
bool exportFile();
void print(QPainter* printer, int page);
ChordRest* getSelectedChordRest() const;
void getSelectedChordRest2(ChordRest** cr1, ChordRest** cr2) const;
void select(Element* obj, SelectType = SELECT_SINGLE, int staff = 0);
void deselect(Element* obj);
void deselectAll() { _selection.deselectAll(); }
void updateSelection() { _selection.update(); }
Element* getSelectedElement() const { return _selection.element(); }
const Selection& selection() const { return _selection; }
Selection& selection() { return _selection; }
void setSelection(const Selection& s);
int pos();
Measure* tick2measure(int tick) const;
MeasureBase* tick2measureBase(int tick) const;
Segment* tick2segment(int tick, bool first = false, Segment::SegmentTypes st = Segment::SegAll) const;
Segment* tick2segmentEnd(int track, int tick) const;
void fixTicks();
void addArticulation(Element*, Articulation* atr);
bool playlistDirty();
void setPlaylistDirty(bool val) { _playlistDirty = val; }
void cmd(const QAction*);
int fileDivision(int t) const { return (t * MScore::division + _fileDivision/2) / _fileDivision; }
bool saveFile();
QString filePath() const { return info.filePath(); }
QString absoluteFilePath() const { return info.absoluteFilePath(); }
QFileInfo* fileInfo() { return &info; }
QString name() const { return info.completeBaseName(); }
void setName(const QString& s) { info.setFile(s); }
bool isSavable() const;
bool dirty() const { return _dirty; }
void setCreated(bool val) { _created = val; }
bool created() const { return _created; }
bool saved() const { return _saved; }
void setSaved(bool v) { _saved = v; }
bool printing() const { return _printing; }
void setPrinting(bool val) { _printing = val; }
void setAutosaveDirty(bool v) { _autosaveDirty = v; }
bool autosaveDirty() const { return _autosaveDirty; }
void spell();
void spell(int startStaff, int endStaff, Segment* startSegment, Segment* endSegment);
void spell(Note*);
int nextSeg(int tick, int track);
MStyle* style() { return &_style; }
const MStyle* style() const { return &_style; }
void setStyle(const MStyle& s) { _style = s; }
bool loadStyle(const QString&);
bool saveStyle(const QString&);
StyleVal style(StyleIdx idx) const { return _style.value(idx); }
Spatium styleS(StyleIdx idx) const { return _style.valueS(idx); }
qreal styleP(StyleIdx idx) const { return _style.valueS(idx).val() * spatium(); }
QString styleSt(StyleIdx idx) const { return _style.valueSt(idx); }
bool styleB(StyleIdx idx) const { return _style.valueB(idx); }
qreal styleD(StyleIdx idx) const { return _style.valueD(idx); }
int styleI(StyleIdx idx) const { return _style.valueI(idx); }
const TextStyle& textStyle(int idx) const { return _style.textStyle(idx); }
const TextStyle& textStyle(const QString& s) const { return _style.textStyle(s); }
int playPos() const { return _playPos; }
void setPlayPos(int val) { _playPos = val; }
bool noteEntryMode() const { return _is.noteEntryMode; }
int inputPos() const;
int inputTrack() const { return _is.track(); }
InputState& inputState() { return _is; }
void setInputState(const InputState& st);
void setInputTrack(int);
void spatiumChanged(qreal oldValue, qreal newValue);
void pasteStaff(const QDomElement&, ChordRest* dst);
void toEList(EventMap* events);
void renderPart(EventMap* events, Part*);
int mscVersion() const { return _mscVersion; }
void setMscVersion(int v) { _mscVersion = v; }
void addLyrics(int tick, int staffIdx, const QString&);
QList<Excerpt*>& excerpts() { return _excerpts; }
const QList<Excerpt*>& excerpts() const { return _excerpts; }
void setLayout(Measure* m);
int midiPort(int idx) const;
int midiChannel(int idx) const;
QList<MidiMapping>* midiMapping() { return &_midiMapping; }
MidiMapping* midiMapping(int channel) { return &_midiMapping[channel]; }
void rebuildMidiMapping();
void updateChannel();
void cmdTransposeStaff(int staffIdx, Interval, bool useDoubleSharpsFlats);
void cmdConcertPitchChanged(bool, bool useSharpsFlats);
TempoMap* tempomap() const;
TimeSigMap* sigmap() const;
void setTempo(Segment*, qreal);
void setTempo(int tick, qreal bps);
void removeTempo(int tick);
void setPause(int tick, qreal seconds);
qreal tempo(int tick) const;
bool creditsRead() const { return _creditsRead; }
void setCreditsRead(bool val) { _creditsRead = val; }
bool defaultsRead() const { return _defaultsRead; }
void setDefaultsRead(bool b) { _defaultsRead = b; }
void addCreator(MusicXmlCreator* c) { _creators.append(c); }
const MusicXmlCreator* getCreator(int i) const { return; }
int numberOfCreators() const { return _creators.size(); }
Text* getText(int subtype);
void lassoSelect(const QRectF&);
void lassoSelectEnd();
Page* searchPage(const QPointF&) const;
QList<System*> searchSystem(const QPointF& p) const;
Measure* searchMeasure(const QPointF& p) const;
bool getPosition(Position* pos, const QPointF&, int voice) const;
void cmdDeleteTuplet(Tuplet*, bool replaceWithRest);
void moveBracket(int staffIdx, int srcCol, int dstCol);
Measure* getCreateMeasure(int tick);
void adjustBracketsDel(int sidx, int eidx);
void adjustBracketsIns(int sidx, int eidx);
void renumberMeasures();
UndoStack* undo() const;
void undo(UndoCommand* cmd) const;
void endUndoRedo();
Measure* searchLabel(const QString& s);
RepeatList* repeatList() const;
qreal utick2utime(int tick) const;
int utime2utick(qreal utime) const;
Q_INVOKABLE void updateRepeatList(bool expandRepeats);
void nextInputPos(ChordRest* cr, bool);
void cmdMirrorNoteHead();
qreal spatium() const { return style()->spatium(); }
void setSpatium(qreal v) { style()->setSpatium(v); }
const PageFormat* pageFormat() const { return style()->pageFormat(); }
void setPageFormat(const PageFormat& pf) { style()->setPageFormat(pf); }
qreal loWidth() const;
qreal loHeight() const;
const QList<Page*>& pages() const { return _pages; }
QList<System*>* systems() { return &_systems; }
MeasureBaseList* measures() { return &_measures; }
bool checkHasMeasures() const;
MeasureBase* first() const;
MeasureBase* last() const;
Q_INVOKABLE Measure* firstMeasure() const;
Q_INVOKABLE Measure* lastMeasure() const;
int measureIdx(MeasureBase*) const;
MeasureBase* measure(int idx) const;
Q_INVOKABLE Segment* firstSegment(Segment::SegmentTypes s = Segment::SegAll) const;
Q_INVOKABLE Segment* lastSegment() const;
void connectTies();
void add(Element*);
void remove(Element*);
qreal point(const Spatium sp) const { return sp.val() * spatium(); }
void scanElements(void* data, void (*func)(void*, Element*), bool all=true);
QByteArray buildCanonical(int track);
int fileDivision() const { return _fileDivision; } ///< division of current loading *.msc file
void splitStaff(int staffIdx, int splitPoint);
QString tmpName() const { return _tmpName; }
void setTmpName(const QString& s) { _tmpName = s; }
bool processMidiInput();
Lyrics* addLyrics();
FiguredBass* addFiguredBass();
void expandVoice(Segment* s, int track);
void expandVoice();
Note* addPitch(int pitch, bool addFlag);
int customKeySigIdx(KeySig*) const;
int addCustomKeySig(KeySig*);
KeySig* customKeySig(int) const;
KeySig* keySigFactory(const KeySigEvent&);
void cmdPaste(MuseScoreView*);
Element* selectMove(const QString& cmd);
Element* move(const QString& cmd);
void cmdEnterRest(const TDuration& d);
void cmdAddInterval(int, const QList<Note*>&);
void cmdCreateTuplet(ChordRest*, Tuplet*);
Omr* omr() const { return _omr; }
void setOmr(Omr* o) { _omr = o; }
void removeOmr();
bool showOmr() const { return _showOmr; }
void setShowOmr(bool v) { _showOmr = v; }
void removeAudio();
void enqueueMidiEvent(MidiInputEvent ev) { midiInputQueue.enqueue(ev); }
Q_INVOKABLE void doLayout();
void layoutSystems();
void layoutLinear();
void layoutPages();
void layoutSystemsUndoRedo();
void layoutPagesUndoRedo();
Page* getEmptyPage();
void layoutChords1(Segment* segment, int staffIdx);
SyntiState& syntiState() { return _syntiState; }
void setSyntiState(const SyntiState& s);
const QList<StaffType*>& staffTypes() const;
QList<StaffType*>& staffTypes();
void addStaffTypes(const QList<StaffType*>& tl);
void replaceStaffTypes(const QList<StaffType*>&);
void addLayoutFlags(LayoutFlags val) { layoutFlags |= val; }
int symIdx() const { return _symIdx; }
void updateHairpin(Hairpin*); // add/modify hairpin to pitchOffset list
void removeHairpin(Hairpin*); // remove hairpin from pitchOffset list
Volta* searchVolta(int tick) const;
Score* parentScore() const { return _parentScore; }
void setParentScore(Score* s) { _parentScore = s; }
const Score* rootScore() const;
Score* rootScore();
void addExcerpt(Score*);
void removeExcerpt(Score*);
void createRevision();
QByteArray readCompressedToBuffer();
QByteArray readToBuffer();
void writeSegments(Xml& xml, const Measure*, int strack, int etrack, Segment* first, Segment* last, bool);
Spanner* findSpanner(int id) const;
const QMap<QString, QString> metaTags() const { return _metaTags; }
QMap<QString, QString>& metaTags() { return _metaTags; }
Q_INVOKABLE QString metaTag(const QString& s) const { return _metaTags.value(s);}
Q_INVOKABLE void setMetaTag(const QString& tag, const QString& val) { _metaTags.insert(tag, val); }
void updateNotes();
void cmdUpdateNotes();
void updateAccidentals(Measure* m, int staffIdx);
QHash<int, LinkedElements*>& links();
bool concertPitch() const { return styleB(ST_concertPitch); }
void layoutFingering(Fingering*);
void cmdSplitMeasure(ChordRest*);
void cmdJoinMeasure(Measure*, Measure*);
void timesigStretchChanged(TimeSig* ts, Measure* fm, int staffIdx);
int pageNumberOffset() const { return _pageNumberOffset; }
void setPageNumberOffset(int v) { _pageNumberOffset = v; }
const QDate& creationDate() const { return _creationDate; }
QString mscoreVersion() const { return _mscoreVersion; }
int mscoreRevision() const { return _mscoreRevision; }
void setMscoreVersion(const QString& val) { _mscoreVersion = val; }
void setMscoreRevision(int val) { _mscoreRevision = val; }
uint currentLayerMask() const { return _layer[_currentLayer].tags; }
void setCurrentLayer(int val) { _currentLayer = val; }
int currentLayer() const { return _currentLayer; }
QString* layerTags() { return _layerTags; }
QString* layerTagComments() { return _layerTagComments; }
QList<Layer>& layer() { return _layer; }
const QList<Layer>& layer() const { return _layer; }
bool tagIsValid(uint tag) const { return tag & _layer[_currentLayer].tags; }
void transpose(int mode, TransposeDirection, int transposeKey, int transposeInterval,
bool trKeys, bool transposeChordNames, bool useDoubleSharpsFlats);
void addViewer(MuseScoreView* v) { viewer.append(v); }
void removeViewer(MuseScoreView* v) { viewer.removeAll(v); }
const QList<MuseScoreView*>& getViewer() const { return viewer; }
void moveCursor();
bool playNote() const { return _playNote; }
void setPlayNote(bool v) { _playNote = v; }
bool excerptsChanged() const { return _excerptsChanged; }
void setExcerptsChanged(bool val) { _excerptsChanged = val; }
bool instrumentsChanged() const { return _instrumentsChanged; }
void setInstrumentsChanged(bool val) { _instrumentsChanged = val; }
bool selectionChanged() const { return _selectionChanged; }
void setSelectionChanged(bool val) { _selectionChanged = val; }
LayoutMode layoutMode() const { return _layoutMode; }
void setLayoutMode(LayoutMode lm);
QReadWriteLock* layoutLock() { return &_layoutLock; }
void doLayoutSystems();
void doLayoutPages();
Tuplet* searchTuplet(const QDomElement& e, int id);
void cmdSelectAll();
void cmdSelectSection();
void setUndoRedo(bool val) { _undoRedo = val; }
bool undoRedo() const { return _undoRedo; }
void respace(QList<ChordRest*>* elements);
void transposeSemitone(int semitone);
MeasureBase* insertMeasure(Element::ElementType type, MeasureBase*,
bool createEmptyMeasures = false);
bool testMode() const { return _testMode; }
void setTestMode(bool val);
Audio* audio() const { return _audio; }
void setAudio(Audio* a) { _audio = a; }
PlayMode playMode() const { return _playMode; }
void setPlayMode(PlayMode v) { _playMode = v; }
int linkId();
void linkId(int);
QList<Score*> scoreList();
bool switchLayer(const QString& s);
void layoutPage(const PageContext&, qreal);
Q_INVOKABLE void appendPart(const QString&);
Q_INVOKABLE void appendMeasures(int);
Q_INVOKABLE void addText(const QString&, const QString&);
Q_INVOKABLE Cursor* newCursor();
qreal computeMinWidth(Segment* fs) const;
extern Score* gscore;
extern void fixTicks();
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