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// MuseScore
// Music Composition & Notation
// $Id: clef.h 5343 2012-02-18 19:50:35Z miwarre $
// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Werner Schweer
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
// as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in
// the file LICENCE.GPL
#ifndef __CLEF_H__
#define __CLEF_H__
Definition of classes Clef and ClefList.
#include "element.h"
#include "mscore.h"
class Xml;
class MuseScoreView;
class Segment;
class QPainter;
static const int NO_CLEF = -1000;
// ClefTypeList
struct ClefTypeList {
ClefType _concertClef;
ClefType _transposingClef;
ClefTypeList() {}
ClefTypeList(ClefType a, ClefType b) : _concertClef(a), _transposingClef(b) {}
bool operator==(const ClefTypeList& t) const;
bool operator!=(const ClefTypeList& t) const;
// ClefInfo
/// Info about a clef.
struct ClefInfo {
const char* tag; ///< comprehensive name for instruments.xml
const char* sign; ///< Name for musicXml.
int line; ///< Line for musicXml.
int octChng; ///< Octave change for musicXml.
int pitchOffset; ///< Pitch offset for line 0.
char lines[14];
const char* name;
StaffGroup staffGroup;
extern const ClefInfo clefTable[];
// @@ Clef
/// Graphic representation of a clef.
// @P showCourtesy bool
// @P small bool r/o, set by layout
class Clef : public Element {
Q_PROPERTY(bool showCourtesy READ showCourtesy WRITE undoSetShowCourtesy)
Q_PROPERTY(bool small READ small)
QList<Element*> elements;
bool _showCourtesy;
bool _showPreviousClef; // show clef type at position tick-1
// used for first clef on staff immediatly followed
// by a different clef at same tick position
bool _small;
ClefTypeList _clefTypes;
ClefType curClefType; // cached value of clef type (for re-laying out)
int curLines; // cached value of staff nm. of lines ( " )
qreal curLineDist; // cached value of staff line distance ( " )
void layout1(); // lays the element out, using cached values
Clef(const Clef&);
virtual Clef* clone() const { return new Clef(*this); }
virtual ElementType type() const { return CLEF; }
virtual void setSelected(bool f);
Segment* segment() const { return (Segment*)parent(); }
Measure* measure() const { return (Measure*)parent()->parent(); }
virtual bool acceptDrop(MuseScoreView*, const QPointF&, Element*) const;
virtual Element* drop(const DropData&);
virtual void layout();
virtual void draw(QPainter*) const;
virtual void read(const QDomElement&);
virtual void write(Xml&) const;
virtual void addElement(Element* e, qreal x, qreal y);
virtual Space space() const { return Space(0.0, bbox().x() * 2.0 + width()); }
bool small() const { return _small; }
void setSmall(bool val);
int tick() const;
bool showCourtesy() const { return _showCourtesy; };
void setShowCourtesy(bool v) { _showCourtesy = v; }
void undoSetShowCourtesy(bool v);
static ClefType clefType(const QString& s);
ClefType clefType() const;
void setClefType(ClefType i);
void setClefType(const QString& s);
ClefTypeList clefTypeList() const { return _clefTypes; }
ClefType concertClef() const { return _clefTypes._concertClef; }
ClefType transposingClef() const { return _clefTypes._transposingClef; }
void setConcertClef(ClefType val);
void setTransposingClef(ClefType val);
void setClefType(const ClefTypeList& ctl) { _clefTypes = ctl; }
virtual void spatiumChanged(qreal oldValue, qreal newValue);
QVariant getProperty(P_ID propertyId) const;
bool setProperty(P_ID propertyId, const QVariant&);
QVariant propertyDefault(P_ID id) const;
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