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// MuseScore
// Music Composition & Notation
// $Id:$
// Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Werner Schweer
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2
// as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in
// the file LICENCE.GPL
#ifndef __INSTRUMENT_P_H__
#define __INSTRUMENT_P_H__
#include "instrument.h"
// Instrument
class InstrumentData : public QSharedData {
QList<StaffNameDoc> _longNames;
QList<StaffNameDoc> _shortNames;
QString _trackName;
char _minPitchA, _maxPitchA, _minPitchP, _maxPitchP;
Interval _transpose;
bool _useDrumset;
Drumset* _drumset;
Tablature* _tablature;
QList<NamedEventList> _midiActions;
QList<MidiArticulation> _articulation;
QList<Channel> _channel; // at least one entry
InstrumentData(const InstrumentData&);
void read(const QDomElement&);
void write(Xml& xml) const;
NamedEventList* midiAction(const QString& s, int channel) const;
int channelIdx(const QString& s) const;
void updateVelocity(int* velocity, int channel, const QString& name);
void updateGateTime(int* gateTime, int channelIdx, const QString& name);
bool operator==(const InstrumentData&) const;
void setMinPitchP(int v) { _minPitchP = v; }
void setMaxPitchP(int v) { _maxPitchP = v; }
void setMinPitchA(int v) { _minPitchA = v; }
void setMaxPitchA(int v) { _maxPitchA = v; }
Interval transpose() const { return _transpose; }
void setTranspose(const Interval& v) { _transpose = v; }
void setDrumset(Drumset* ds); // drumset is now owned by Instrument
Drumset* drumset() const { return _drumset; }
bool useDrumset() const { return _useDrumset; }
void setUseDrumset(bool val);
void setAmateurPitchRange(int a, int b) { _minPitchA = a; _maxPitchA = b; }
void setProfessionalPitchRange(int a, int b) { _minPitchP = a; _maxPitchP = b; }
Channel& channel(int idx) { return _channel[idx]; }
const Channel& channel(int idx) const { return _channel[idx]; }
const QList<NamedEventList>& midiActions() const { return _midiActions; }
const QList<MidiArticulation>& articulation() const { return _articulation; }
const QList<Channel>& channel() const { return _channel; }
void setMidiActions(const QList<NamedEventList>& l) { _midiActions = l; }
void setArticulation(const QList<MidiArticulation>& l) { _articulation = l; }
void setChannel(const QList<Channel>& l) { _channel = l; }
void setChannel(int i, const Channel& c) { _channel[i] = c; }
Tablature* tablature() const;
void setTablature(Tablature* t); // move ownership of tablature to Instrument
void setLongName(const QTextDocumentFragment& f);
void setShortName(const QTextDocumentFragment& f);
void addLongName(const StaffNameDoc& f);
void addShortName(const StaffNameDoc& f);
friend class Instrument;
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